Weekly Crime Blotter- May 1

April 24

Trespassing is the New Trend

A trespass warning was issued to a non-GSU student at around 12:11 PM in Student Center East. The incident has been cleared.


Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest

Three Georgia State students were arrested, after one of the faculty members reported being robbed by them at Peachtree Center Avenue. The incident occurred at 12:51 PM.


No one is Safe

A theft at Piedmont Central was reported at 12:38 PM. The case is still active and the value was estimated at $1500 or less.


April 25


Livin’ La Vida Loca

A Georgia State student was arrested for driving with a suspended license at 8:13 AM. This occurred on Edgewood Avenue.


Trespassers Everywhere

Two people were arrested for trespassing after receiving prior notice. The incident occurred at 9:52 AM on Gilmer Street.


More Violations More Problems

A non-GSU  student was arrested for failing to obey traffic control devices and driving with a suspended license on Peachtree Street. The incident happened at 9:52 AM.


Arrests are the Move

An arrest was made on Peachtree Street at 12:25 PM. The incident was not linked with any Georgia State student.


Lost in the City

A demented person was found wandering Gilmer Street around 7 PM. The situation has been cleared.


Waffle House Trouble

Two non-Georgia State persons were accused of theft of services valued at $500 or less at the Waffle House on Piedmont Avenue. The incident happened at 12 AM, but was later cleared.


No Loud People Allowed

A Georgia State staff member complained about a disorderly student on the Alpharetta campus at 3:05 PM. The incident occurred in Building A and was later cleared.


The Dangers of Pot

Two non Georgia State people were arrested for possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct, and card fraud on Peachtree Street Southwest at 11:26 AM.


N Deck Madness

A student reported damages to their vehicle’s exterior in N deck at 10:20 AM. The case is still active.


Verbal Exchange Gets Heated

Two residents of the University Commons filed harassment charges against three non Georgia State students after a verbal confrontation. The incident took place at 2 PM and the investigation is still active.


More Money More Problems

A Georgia State student reported a theft valued at $1500 or less at 4:30 PM. It occurred in a standard building at 12:18 PM and the investigation is ongoing.


Money Problems Part Two

A student reported another theft valued at $1500  or less at Library North. The incident happened at 12:18 PM and has since been cleared.


Clarkston Trouble

A student at the Clarkston campus reported being threatened and harassed by someone at 10:49 AM. The incident happened at the Clarkston Library. The investigation is still active.


Wake and Bake Gone Wrong

Another Arrest was made at the Urban Life Plaza after catching a student with an ounce or less of marijuana. The incident occurred at 8:10 AM.


Lit for no reason

Someone was found drinking in public at Hurt Park at 3:45 PM, which led to an arrest.


Car Break-in  Plans Foiled

A Georgia State student and a non GSU student tried to break into someone’s car in the Commons Parking Deck, but were unsuccessful. Both people involved were arrested at 8:30 AM.