Weekly crime blotter: Dec. 22

Dec. 15

The Larceny Implementation

A non-Georgia State individual was involved in a theft at the Petit Science Center

before 3 a.m. The item’s value exceeds $500, and the investigation is still active.


Stealing knowledge

A non-Georgia State individual has been arrested for armed robbery near Library North after 1 p.m


Dec. 16

Special Delivery

A Georgia State student left a suspicious package near Greek housing just before 2:30 pm. The case is currently active.


That place is not for you

Georgia State University Police Department (GSUPD) issued a Criminal Trespass Warning to a non-Georgia State individual near the Urban Life building after 1:30 pm.


Dec. 17

Not who you think I am

GSUPD arrested a non-Georgia State individual near the G Parking Lot before 2:45 pm. The suspect is charged with giving a false name and theft of services.