We buy gold and gold-diggers

Love is priceless. Lust is but a bid away.

At WhatsYourPrice.com, CEO Brandon Wade claims that on the online “dating site”, men “just name a price, and if their offer is right, [they’ll] get a YES and [are] off on a first date.”

More astounding, this often substantial price is not allocated to date expenses. That’s an additional cost. His payment was simply a token of gratuity to his date. Yes, ladies are getting paid to go out on dates.

The vast majority of society associates that with being an escort. The site’s wording attempts to convince us otherwise; that their users are instead “mutual beneficiaries”. But maybe there is something positive to it.

Wade’s other lucrative businesses, SeekingArrangements.com, has been addressed once before in The Signal (http://wp.me/p2LJm9-sl) for “whitening up our campus with sugar-babies” and releasing a statement earlier this year ranking Georgia State University No. 1 fastest growing source of Sugar Babies.Well, Wade has successfully found a way for these sugar-babies to stay active upon graduation.

The AJC reported that “WhatsYourPrice.com sent a press release saying ATLiens spend an average $128 for a first date on the site.” At least our Georgia Peaches are high rollers. I would not have expected anything less. Otherwise, Buckhead Bettys would look even worse for not having made the list.

“Other Georgia cities listed include Marietta ($127), Lawrenceville ($104), Decatur ($95), [and] Columbus ($90). Almost 7,000 Atlanta women created “first date auction listings in the last year” with Marietta ranking number 9 nationally for the most women dating-for-dollars.

I think people are naturally inclined to believe sites like WhatsYourPrice.com are merely an upscale version of meeting singles on Craigslist while hiding it’s debauchery behind the strategic design of great web-developers. And that the same motives apply: women wanting to get familiar with the inside of a man’s pockets and men wanting to get familiar with a woman, inside.

I’m sure Wade sorts out the differences in his book Seeking Arrangement: The Definitive Guide to Sugar Daddy and Mutually Beneficial Relationships. Justifying his claim through his sites offer at a chance to “finding that special person.”

Yea, because paying for conversation—something that’s supposed to come free—is a better investment than an explicitly agreed settlement.

Nonetheless, I still feel there may be something positive to this.

As a male, if a woman declined your date it may change your perspective of her level of value. Her response is the most forward way of saying, “I wouldn’t go out on a date with you even if you paid me one-hundred and twenty dollars.”

That’s pretty rough but at least he didn’t meet her under different circumstances, say a bar, and spend a crap load of money on her before she denied exchanging contact information with him.

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