University police still investigating student armed robbery

A Georgia State student was robbed at gunpoint near Dee’s Market on Dec. 1 at approximately 6:05 p.m, according to a campus broadcast email.

The two culprits fled in a black Mercedes Benz and left the student unharmed, according to the campus email.

Deputy Chief Carlton Mullis of Georgia State’s police department, said campus police are still investigating the robbery.

“We’re following up with the victim and trying to get descriptions and comparing them with what we may know and then checking with other law enforcement around town,” he said.

The only witness was the victim who also gave police descriptions of his assailants, according to Mullis.

The driver of the vehicle was described as a light-skinned black male wearing a short-sleeved polo shirt with an American flag design. The accompanying suspect was a dark-skinned black male with a gap in his front teeth, glasses and a beanie, according to Mullis.

Mullis also said Georgia State Police are checking with other law enforcement agencies to help find the culprits.

Georgia State student Edward Lyle said he believed the robbery might only impact the business for Dee’s Market during certain times of the day.

“Maybe late-night business, but not daylight hours,” Lyle said.

Kimlee Davis, an employee of Dee’s Market, said although the robbery temporarily affected business, it potentially wouldn’t hurt the store in the long-run.

“It already did a little bit and it did kind of hurt us but I don’t think so,” she said.

Georgia State student Tamryn Van Der Horn said she thought the robbery was not troubling to the safety of university students.

“Well I think things like that are going to happen, you’re downtown and as long as we get those notifications and there’s police around, I think we’re fine safety-wise,” Tamryn Van Der Horn said.

Mullis said there was not enough evidence to determine if the robbery was an isolated incident or part of a growing trend.

“Well it was only once,” he said. “It’s kind of hard to draw any conclusions from it.”

Mullis also said individuals should pay attention to their surroundings and safety in the future.

“Be aware of what’s going around you and keep eye of your surroundings,” he said.