Underground and Turner Field: Reconstructing the community

There are two places in Atlanta which have not received the greatest welcome over the years and plans entail that their old reputations will soon fade. Renovations for establishing a community basis for Atlanta using Turner Field and Underground can draw people into the unpopular areas.

In today’s society, it’s hard to please the everyday person, especially when boredom of a constant aspect takes over. For instance, going to the same shopping areas for pleasure turns into a chore after a long period. So how can Atlanta resurrect the appeal for just another landmark in the city?

Get Creative

Creativity is the key. No one is enticed to take a trip to Underground if its a replica of Little Five or Midtown. Personally, I would think that endless amounts of entertainment, culture, style and efficiency would stray from the common areas like that. These incorporations are the guiding path to a brand new community feel.

Georgia State students and residents in Atlanta will have a location to share their interests and love for different talents and culture.

That’s the feeling I got when visiting Miami when I was younger, and I was respectively ambushed with a parade of talented street performers and artists. The talent ranged from a man with no arms painting beautiful portraits with his feet, to a group of break dancers showing everyone who’s boss. This needs to be brought to the streets of Atlanta, specifically Underground.

When combining new clothing stores, tattoo shops, and restaurants together, it creates a great basis for a place like Underground. However, there needs to be an array of unique attractions stemming from that foundation. There needs to be stores with paintings and sculptures, pet stores, cafes, gelato shops, candy wonderlands, various cultural shops and so much more. The appeal lies in the attempt.

Those developments aren’t the only crucial requirements needed to create a top-notch area, you also need efficiency. One effective way to succeed in that is to install housing within or around Underground. This is a simple way to increase the population because the majority of the population will be living smack dab in the middle of it all. Especially given Underground is so close to students, who are always in the need for an apartment, and this renovation would be extremely beneficial. Specifically regarding an increase in available apartment spaces for students.

From fields to lots

Then, there is the other redecorating occurring to Turner Field, which from my understanding is focusing, so far, on extra parking for students. This idea is not only an extremely intelligent one, but also one that will benefit everyone surrounding Georgia State as well. With there being more parking for students and staff, it will decrease the heavy atmosphere surrounding the tight parking at Georgia State within the parking garages and street spots.

The downfall to this, however, is until Turner Field is sold, they will still host games. This schedule was developed for those who choose to utilize the parking, and the schedule maps out when times and spaces are available or not.

Whatever is chosen as the ultimate blueprints for both Turner and Underground, the only thing to hope for is that they will increase our need for community. It’s what is beneficially essential for a diverse school like Georgia State and city like Atlanta. We thrive off of one another, and if there were places where our talents could illuminate, and our interests could combine, then the community would be better off entirely.