‘Tis the season for widespread theft: Belongings were stolen from Georgia State’s Library

IMG_2256Every day, students bring expensive books, technology and personal belongings into the Georgia State library with the expectation that their possessions will remain intact.

However, there have been a slew of recent thefts in libraries North and South. According to Georgia State Safety-Health archives, there have been 23 reported thefts from the library since the beginning of term (Aug. 20). Of these 23, 16 happened in November.

Cameron Hubbard, 28-year-old graduate student, is one of the victims of recent theft occurrences.

Hubbard was in the library studying and quickly went to the restroom. Upon returning, she realized her backpack was missing, which contained books, a tablet and her wallet. Luckily, an Android device manager allowed her to find her tablet and backpack, which she left in an area of the library she “had never step foot in.”

Hubbard’s luck has not, however, been emulated in other theft reports. Safety-Health archives show that many cases go unresolved, which leaves students wondering about security measures of the library.

Sergeant Sharon Ware of Georgia State Police Department said the issue is not security.

“Students give identification at the entrance, there are undercover police walking around, there are officers at the door, overall adequate staffing,” Sgt. Ware said.

Additionally, Jeff Steely, Georgia State’s dean of libraries, said to “keep your valuables with you at all times.

“Don’t leave items unattended…I would also hope that students would look out for each other, and say something if they see a theft taking place,” he said.