Tired of your day job? Check out these Odd Jobs.

Need a quality paper written before 11:59 P.M.? Look no further than the Odd Jobs GroupMe created by Georgia State student Raheel Jooma. Jooma created the GroupMe last month on Sept. 13 to help out fellow students who could use some extra money every now and then.

“Someone in another large group[chat] mentioned how students in college are low-income and how it was a problem,” he said. “I asked in the chat if anyone would be willing to join a chat where students can make a quick buck for ‘odd jobs.’”

Just like that, the idea blew up. Several students had a positive response to the idea, and the Odd Jobs GroupMe was born. In less than a month, almost 200 people have joined the chat and are posting away.

“I was very surprised by how many students joined and posted a few jobs like doing someone’s laundry, walking someone’s dog or needing an experienced nanny,” he said.

Not only are all sorts of jobs being posted but a community of supportive people is being created through the GroupMe.

“One time, someone wanted their reading journals finished and offered a sum amount,” Jooma said. “What surprised me was the quick responses that were given. Everyone offered their skills, so that way, if anyone needed help in one of those skills posted, those people could reach out to them.”

For the people joining the chat expecting jobs that are really “out there,” that isn’t necessarily the goal but that doesn’t mean some estranged jobs haven’t been posted.

“One funny job that came up was someone in the chat who was a bit inactive decided to mess around and offered a job where they would pay someone to eat their a—,” he said. “Obviously, it was a joke but the chat sparked up really fast after that.”

Aside from truly odd jobs being posted in the group, people have also used the group as a platform to promote their own creative pursuits in hopes to get more traction. For example, friends posting Homecoming campaign links to support candidates or even YouTube videos to gain more likes and subscribers.

Whether it be students posting their own creative businesses, making some side money on homework assignments, tutoring students or engaging in some “favors,” the Odd Job GroupMe is drawing in lots of attention.

“It’s awesome because it’s developing into a community,” Jooma said. “A community of college kids coming together under one com one thing, to make some small and quick money.”