Three new singles from Tyler the Creator set the stage for new LP

Tyler the Creator has a new album coming out July 21, and in preparation for that, he has dropped not one, not two, but three new singles.

“Who Dat Boy” and “911/Mr. Lonely” bring two different vibes to the table in typical Tyler the Creator fashion. “Who Dat Boy” has a paranoid synth part over heavy bass and 808s while Tyler harshly spits the chorus out with help from collaborator and celebrated rapper in his own right, A$AP Rocky. Rocky’s smooth vocal delivery against the harsh beat works well and pulls the song together.

On the flip side of “Who Dat Boy,” Tyler delivers a vibe in “911/Mr. Lonely” which is immediately more smooth and chilled out with some light drum work and some pretty chords.Tyler does some singing on the chorus before the verse hits with a cool mid-tempo synth pattern. Lyrically, Tyler seems to speak to how isolated he has been and to making sure his friends check in on him for his health, and not just when they need something. This track also features a short and sweet Frank Ocean feature, which gives the song a little break from the verse.

“Mr. Lonely,” the second half of “911/Mr. Lonely,” picks it back up but keeps it light with Tyler delivering a speedy flow about the companionship he craves:

“I never had a pet, that’s where it stems from I bet/ treat me like direct deposit/ check in on me sometime/ ask me how I’m really doing/ so I never have to press that 911”

His heavy lyrics are set over gorgeous swelling chords, which is expected of Tyler the Creator at this point. His musical influences come from old R&B artists and take influence from N.E.R.D. and Outkast on the drum patterns.

On Tyler the Creator’s fourth solo LP, he seems to have the sounds down, but the lyrical content changes as he continues his journey of stardom. He seems to have some sort of remorse towards his relationships, or lack thereof, while being the celebrity that he is. Collaborations from A$AP Rocky and Frank Ocean are good to see and could possibly be a sign of more high profile features to come. Possibly from Lil Wayne, who was featured on Tyler’s last LP, “Cherry Bomb,” or R&B singer Kali Uchis, who has collaborated with Tyler many times the last few years.