The issues with finding justice

Illustration by Lauryn Johnson | The Signal

Some of us might think about the police whenever someone thinks about our justice system. Police have a significant role in this system because they are the ones that have the authority to make an arrest when someone breaks the law. 

On the other hand, some people might think about corrupt cops or the pushiness of some journalists who want the latest scoop on a case. It is sad to say no one truly gets justice in the end.

Unless someone gets murdered, our justice system doesn’t care. What about if a woman gets assaulted? Nine out of ten times, the courts would blame women for the assault. Yet, most of our justice system allows violators to walk free before incarceration. 

This fact is a significant problem with sexual assault cases. According to RAINN, our justice system, out of 1,000 sexual assault cases, 975 of them would walk free. 

However, when talking about sexual assault, only 310 people report it, with only fifty reports resulting in an arrest and only 25 resulting in incarceration. 

This fact proves that most who report sexual assault incidents are likely to be ignored according to other people’s beliefs about sexual assault.  

Our justice system fails to see those who commit such crimes as a danger to society, especially those who are part of the rich and powerful. 

Those who come from money tend to get better treatment than those who do not. Most of these offenders get a free pass when they flash their wealth around the poor and the desperate. 

No one seems to care about a crime until it becomes a homicide case. However, people are only looking after themselves at the end of the day. So, when a murder takes place, people start to become worried about the possibility of being the next victim in a case. 

It is human nature to be more concerned with yourself, especially if your life might be in danger. Because of this fear, murder cases tend to make more publicity than assaults, robberies, and other crimes that did not result in murder. 

Most of the time, our justice system does not deliver justice. After a long list of crimes, the most charming characters tend to avoid punishment. 

These people usually end up receiving bail or being let off the hook. These acts could be dangerous because the person could hurt more people after getting bailed out or receiving a not guilty sentence in court. 

These people could end up hurting more people. Moreover, by giving them this short period of freedom, they could keep harming others, whether by murder, assault or even robbery. 

This little window of opportunity could indeed mess someone’s life up. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to face the music of their punishment. 

So if they get off on bail, do not expect them to visit court to face their punishment head-on. 

Getting justice is a nice thing to think about, especially in how people are today. However, true justice does not exist. Justice is just a fancy term to accept the bad things that happened to a person. The person is paying for their action, so that does their act okay in the eyes of the law. 

But it does not make anything better even after that guilty sentence. No one ever wins when someone is trying to find justice.