The home stretch: Surviving the rest of the semester

We’re just shy of 50 days until the semester is officially over, but you’re not sure if you’re going to make it to the end. Spring break is still in your system and you’re not ready to come back from vacation. Do you have to give yourself a pep talk class? It’s OK. You just have a case of being a regular student.

Maybe you’re trying to see how many days you’ve already missed of classes to see if you can afford to miss another — the constant self-bargaining of “If I go to class on Monday, then I can skip Wednesday” is your favorite method. You’re beginning to regret using your three unexcused absences earlier in the semester.

What exactly is it about these last few weeks of the semester that are so difficult to get through? Is it the tease of a weeklong spring “break” or the temptation of summer?

It’s both.

Let’s be honest; truthfully you checked out mentally once it became March. Your number one priority is solidifying and securing your summer plans.

Graduating seniors have it the worst. Your only focus is graduation. All the other days in between are just barriers and obstacles to you. It’s so bad it even has its own name: Senioritis.

You’ve been here for at least four years so surely a month and a half won’t kill you. You should have a senior

checklist that looks something like this

Pass all classes
Turn in any senior portfolio or specific major requirement
Secure post grad internship or job/career
Pay off loans
Order and pick up cap and gown

This isn’t the only list nor a perfect list, but change it to fit your needs.

So how do we defeat these feelings of detachment from school and work? Is it even possible to do or are we too far removed?

Whether you’re looking forward to being done for the semester or being done with Georgia State for good, that is what should keep you going. Even if you have to remind yourself daily of the credit hours you need ‘til you’re finished, do it. Set specific goals for each class and day if need be.

Like our professors love reminding us, we’re all adults and your education is your responsibility. Your motivation is the closeness of completion and the ultimate investment in yourself.. That may sound easier said than done, but take it from a super duper senior — this works. The only thing I look forward to is being done.

If you need another reminder, look at your grades. Can you really afford to slack off right now? If most of your semester has been spent turnin’ up then you definitely need to turn down. Even if you’re in good standing, you don’t want your average to decrease. One of the hardest things to do is raise your GPA once it drops.

Another plus is towards the end of the semester, some professors schedule optional office hours days instead of holding a full class. This is a great time for you to play catch-up in your work and check in with your professors.
Granted, you’ll probably be studying for finals, but you do get a chance to take a little breather.

Mark your calendar for exam dates, start working on that paper that’s due in three weeks, catch up on reading, etc. Prepare yourself for what you know is coming. The end of the semester is almost here, but until then continue to stay focused and finish strong. Adopt the attitude of work hard play harder.