The drive behind the camera

While some may look at photography as just a hobby, many see it as a true art form. Photography is used to capture moments, tell stories and express feelings. 

Junior Martell Beall has a passion for photography. Whether it is capturing a beautiful sunset or creating photographic memories that will be passed through generations, he is always eager to shoot. 

Beall has practiced photography since he was in the eighth grade. Since then, his fascination has only grown, leading to a degree in film.

Beall started practicing photography because he loves capturing a moment and using a camera to capture his unique perspective.

“When I am taking photos, that is when I truly feel the most peaceful,” Beall said.  

He has a sharp eye when it comes to photography. Although his strengths are in portrait and landscape photography, Beall believes post-production, editing and posing for clients can use a bit of improvement.  

His advice for anyone who wants to be a photographer is to always express what you feel, embrace everything that is going on in your mind and create what you feel is right to be unique. 

Beall runs a photography business that he operates under his own name, “Martell Beall.”

“My ultimate goal in life is to travel the world as a successful wedding photographer and criminal defense attorney,” he said.  

Michaela Caston is a junior at Georgia State, majoring in journalism with a minor in entertainment media management. Like Beall, Caston has been shooting since she was 14 years old but didn’t start professionally shooting until August 2019. 

For Caston, photography is truly a family affair; both her father and sister are professional photographers.

Caston says that music is what influences her photography the most. 

“Music is an auditory art,” she said. “Photography, just like music videos, help bring a visual experience to a song.”

Photography serves as an escape for Caston and allows her to express herself fully.

“I feel that it is one of my few talents in which I feel limitless and above the constructs of society,” she said. 

Like Beall and many other photographers, Caston has both her strengths and weaknesses in the field. 

She believes her strengths are in concert photography and concert lighting because the performers often inspire her shots with their music. This allows her to come up with different types of angles and light manipulation during their sets. 

Caston struggles with manipulating artificial light, because she has come more adjusted to using the natural lighting from outside. 

She has a message for those who want to pursue photography. 

“If you want to become a photographer, never stop your craft,” Caston said. “Ignore the opinions of others, and as long as you are happy and content with your work, that’s all that matters.”