The Dangers of Being a Woman

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The danger is abundant for a woman who walks alone at night. They could get abducted, assaulted or robbed. Since women are not respected individuals in our society, it makes going out incredibly dangerous. Only 20% of rape cases in the United States are successfully reported because most women are not taken seriously when telling others about their experiences. Therefore, most rapes are not reported because many people love to blame the victim instead of the person who did the crime. 

When an assault takes place, women are often seen as the ones “asking for it.” People say women deserve these awful encounters based solely on the clothes we wear. 

What about the women who have to go out at night? What happens if someone has to work late? Not everyone can choose whether they work early or late. What about the people who work in the medical field? Women who work in this field might have long hours. Not everyone can pick up day shifts.

After Roe v. Wade was overturned, more conservatives talked about the ban on birth control. Women have to face this incredibly dangerous situation because men in power think they can speak for women.

Last year in  Missouri, the Republican party started finding ways to ban birth control. Senator Paul Wieland stated, “The bottom line is there is only one time something definitively happens, and that’s the moment of conception. Once that happens, anything that happens should not be state funded.” Many conservatives often think life starts at conception and it freaks them out that some women do not even want to have children.

More conservatives are trying harder to find loopholes in women’s right to choose. This endangers women’s lives because some of us need birth control to regulate periods or for other health concerns, not only to prevent unwanted children from being conceived. Abortion has been officially overturned based on the state you are in. Now they are taking it to the next level and trying to ban birth control. 

What is going to happen after we lose access to birth control? Are women going to be banned from working? Are we going to be banned from owning our residence? Instead of victim blaming and making this world harder for a woman to live in, why can’t we come to an understanding that our troubles will soon become harder if nothing changes?