The best Hollywood break-ups…kind of

The ending of any relationship is never something that should be viewed as entertainment.

I mean, it’s the downfall of a sacred union. It’s the separation of two people who were once in love. Break-ups should not be entertaining…but unfortunately for some Hollywood stars, they just are.

I think it’s the theatrics of it all. First it starts of with the celebrities themselves, then it spreads all over the media, then the fans have to put their two cents in, and there’s always some sort of messy social media posts involved. It’s all just really amusing for some of us lesser people.

2012 gave us some of the most dramatic  Hollywood break-ups, but some of these couples just couldn’t make up their minds. One day they weren’t together, then the next day they were, and some of them were just down right ridiculous. Let’s reflect on the top three.


Twihards all over the world rejoiced when they learned that their favorite fictional

relationship had become a reality. When the Twilight Saga first began filming there was a lot of speculation around Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s blooming relationship. the two had amazing chemistry on set, and they also seemed to hit it off well away from set too. Eventually, the two became a couple and everything was perfect. The fans ate it up, and the media loved it.            Then, things turned sour. Stewart began working on a film entitled “ Snow White and the Huntsman,” and she cheated on Pattinson with the film director, Rupert Sanders. To make matters worst, Sanders was married and his wife was on set with them the whole time. That has to hurt!

Soon the scandal was all over the media, and fans began to lash out at Stewart for her actions. For awhile Stewart and Pattinson split up. However, after a few months the situation blew over and they got back together.

I don’t know if I would have been able to get back together with K. Stew after that. I would be so embarrassed by how public the whole thing was. I guess Rob really loves her.


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had to be the cutest couple ever. I’m sure the beliebers (Bieber fans) weren’t too happy about their romance, but in the eyes of the media Selena and Justin were the “It” couple. The duo never seemed to argue, and when ever they were photographed together they always seemed so in love.

It was a shock to everyone when the pair decided to call it quits. No one could believe that Justin and Selena were really over because they were so close to each other. However, like Robert and Kristen, Justin and Selena also have trouble deciding if they want to be together or apart. Since their public break- up, the two starlets have been continuing this on again, off again relationship.

Currently, the media claims that they are “off,” but who knows what will happen. They  are both so young. It wouldn’t hurt them to see who else might be out there for them, but hey…the heart wants what the heart wants.


The relationship between Christopher Maurice Brown, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, and Karrueche Tran is a phenomena that I may never understand…ever. In 2009, Chris and Rihanna had the messiest break-up of all time due to a domestic violence issue, and the media had a field day.

In their time apart, Chris began a new relationship with a girl named Karrueche, and things seemed to be turning around for him. While the incident with Rihanna did continue to haunt him, he seemed to be moving on with his life and so did Rihanna for that matter.

Then, Rihanna and Chris began spending time together again. They claimed to be “working on their friendship,” but pictures and live videos of the two out together suggested otherwise.

Mind you…Chris was still in a relationship with Karrueche at the time, and soon it turned into this strange three way, triangle relationship between all of them. Chris claimed to be torn in between the two because he loved both girls.

Eventually, Chris broke it off with Karrueche and continued his relationship with Rihanna against the protests of numerous fans. What’s crazy is that, Karrueche claims that she and Chris are still friends, so I guess he does get the best of both worlds after all.

Personally, I think this whole situation is a hot mess, and that poor baby, Karrueche must be hurt in a corner somewhere because I sure would be if I were her. She is handling the situation with a lot of grace.

As mentioned before, no break-up should be a source of entertainment…but sometimes they just are.