The Aftermath: Homecoming is over, now what?

Homecoming has come and gone. Now all we are left with are expensive dresses, empty liquor bottles and tons of pictures. All we can do is try to figure out what to do with the remanences of the week.  Here are few ways to deal with the leftovers and make the memories last.

The amount of money that is spent on looking nice for one night is a bit extreme. Once the night is over all we have to show for the good time are sweaty, alcohol (or stains from a few other things) stained clothes. So what do we do with the clothes that cost a paycheck and a half once it’s all said and done?

IMG_4820Here are a few ideas.

– Reuse them: Duh. Put the clothes to good use and wear them again.

– Sell it: Make a little bit of money back from the clothes. Unfortunately you won’t get half of what you spent back but at least it won’t be clogging up your closet.

Here are a few places to sell them:

– Rag-O-Rama (1111 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307),

– Buffalo Exchange (1057 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306), (an online forum to sell and buy clothes), Instagram.



– If you do decide to sell your clothes online make sure that you mention any and all alterations that were done on it and how many times it has been worn.

– Remember that you will not sell your dress for as much as you bought it for. Keep the price reasonable or no one will buy it. 

– Rent it out: A really smart way to make money off an expensive outfit is to rent it out to family, friends, friends of friends, or to underclassmen.


Photos are really the only tangible items that capture memories. Of course you can brag about your nights on Instagram but what about holding onto them by decorating with them? Here are a few ways.

Photo by: Brittany Guerin
Photo by: Brittany Guerin

Photo Key Holder:

What you need: Canvas, push pins, paint, twine, tape and mini clothes pins.

1. Take an old canvas and cut the canvas part out from the backing.

2. Then you will be left with just the wooden frame. Paint the wood whatever color you like and then let it dry.

3. Once the paint it dry take a string of twine and tape it to both side of the frame on the upper section. Make sure that you tape the twine on the back so that the tape isn’t visible.

4. You can then take your photos and place them along the twine in garland like fashion, using mini clothespins to hold them up.

5. Then take the push pins and space them out evenly on the middle section of the frame, along the front. This will be where you will hang up your keys.

Photo by: Brittany Guerin

Gallery wall (probably the easiest DIY in the world):

What you need: Pictures and different picture frames

1. Frame your pictures in different frame (not all of your pictures have to be framed).

2. Hang your picture on the wall in different ways. Make some lay vertically while others are horizontal. They also don’t need to be symmetrical, get creative.


Photo by: Brittany Guerin
Photo by: Brittany Guerin

Wall Mobile:

What you need: Three sticks (branches from a tree), twine and your pictures.

1. Take your sticks and place them in the shape of a triangle.

2. Tie the twine around each corner to keep the sticks together

3. Tie strings of twine to the bottom stick of the triangle. Make sure that the end of the string is hanging down.

4. Then poke a hole through the top of each photo so that it is large enough for the twine to go through. If you don’t want to put a hole in your photos you can tape the twine to the back of the pictures.

5. Finally, loop twine around the top of the triangle so that you can hang it on the wall.


With homecoming week over it’s time to deal with the aftermath. Enjoy selling your clothes and creating new decorations with your memories.