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Whenever someone thinks about the plant Marijuana, they think about the process of getting high. 

But what if I can tell you this plant has two different compounds that have different effects from each other. 

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is a compound that gets someone to go high. This plant is the “weed” everyone talks about. It is not the plant as a whole. This compound gets someone to go high if they take it. 

CBD or Cannabidiol is another compound that is taken from marijuana. However,  it is taken for different purposes. 

Unlike THC, CBD does not get you high. Instead, it has a different effect that helps a person’s body to relax. 

THC and CBD create two different products for a person’s intake. CBD has gels, supplements, gummies, and oils for a person’s input. In contrast, THC has smokeable products, oils, tinctures, edibles, and capsules. 

When we’re talking about weed, people are talking about THC. THC, as said in the beginning, is a compound that can make a person high. 

Many people smoke or take THC for recreational uses when it comes to marijuana. 

While smoking is the most common thing when we think about smoking weed. THC has different things that a person can take to get high. 

The second most common method is eating edibles. An edible is something you can eat that has THC laced into it. 

The most common edible you may have heard about is the pot brownie. By eating edibles, someone can get high without smoking anything. 

It is a sound effect when someone prefers not to smoke. Whether it is because of asthma or a worry about smoking anything in your lungs, you have different ways to take THC. 

CBD has a different way when it comes to recreational use. CBD is most commonly used to help someone’s anxiety. 

Many people who suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses go to CBD. CBD is different because it does not get people high as THC does. 

CBD is common for people who are constantly in high-stress situations. For example, those who are in school or have stressful jobs, these people go to CBD. 

CBD is famous for not showing up when you have to take a drug test. Even though it comes from the same plant that THC comes from, CBD has a more subtle effect than THC. 

THC and CBD’s final differences have something to do with their side effects. While CBD has no side effects, THC has a few. It has something to do with getting high off of THC. 

When someone takes THC, they might get the following: dry mouth, red eyes, slower response times, general feeling of being high, memory loss, issues with coordination, and an increased heart rate. 

It is essential to know the differences between CBD and THC. CBD is safer to take than THC because it helps with anxiety and depression. 

While THC has the same benefits, sometimes, if you want to feel less anxious without a positive drug test result or a risk of getting high, CBD is the safer route to take.