Takeover Tour at The Tabernacle

Josh Dun takes the stage alongside Tyler Joseph on the Takeover Tour at The Tabernacle. Photo by Matt Siciliano-Salazar | The Signal

Twenty One Pilots took the stage last Thursday, this was the first of three stops that they had made for the Take Over Tour in Atlanta. The band made their first stop at The Tabernacle, located outside of Centennial Olympic Park. The second stop was at The Coca-Cola Roxy, and the third and final stop was at, State Farm Arena.

The venue filled early, and lines started hours before the event opened its doors to attendees. Many of the attendees showed up at The Tabernacle wearing apparel and merch from other tours that Twenty One Pilots had in previous years in Atlanta.

Fog and smoke filled the venue as the opening act performed. Both artists opened the show standing next to each other at the center of the stage. The Grammy-nominated Best Pop Duo/Group opened their act by performing one of their newest and latest release, “Good Day.” Fans screamed and the crowd chanted the lyrics as the guitar was strummed and the drums were played. Songs such as “No Chances”, “Stressed Out”, and “Ride” were also performed by Twenty One Pilots.

In 2017, Twenty One Pilots was nominated by the Grammys for the Best Group/Duo Performance. The band later went on to produce their 2018 studio album, Trench. Since that release, the band has gone on two tours and has provided their fans with their latest debut album, Scaled and Icy.