Take a look at the men’s basketball team’s diet

November 10, 2016 - Atlanta, Ga: GSU volleyball vs Georgia Southern Thursday November 10, 2016, in Atlanta, Ga. PHOTO / JASON GETZ

Along with having top-notch talent, being healthy is a fundamental component in any team’s success.

The Georgia State men’s basketball team fully understands the importance of nursing their body and mainly eating clean. While it is a tough task for many, committing to healthy eating habits during the season is an act the players take pride in. One of the many reasons is because they want to be as durable of a player as they can be.

Coach Ron Hunter won’t punish them for eating foods that can prove to be detrimental to their athletic bodies, according to the players, but they know that it surely wouldn’t be beneficial for them to go against the grain in that sense. In fact, Dinika Johnson, the team’s head athletic trainer,  is responsible for preparing meal plans for the players.

Dinika Johnson:

What is the meal preparation process for the players?

“When deciding meals, determining the athlete’s needs and the amount of energy needed for activity starts the process. Then, a schedule of when and what they should eat is made.

What is the most challenging part of the meal preparation process?

“The most challenging part is trying to decide meals considering what the athlete’s likes and dislikes are and if they have any food allergies. Also, trying to change up meals so that athletes want to eat and not get bored with the options.

What determines the type of meal plans you prepare for each player?

“The type of meals for the players are based off of timing and type of activity, like whether it is game day, if they have weights, or if it’s just a practice day. We also consider if a player is trying to lose weight, gain weight or maintain their weight.

As for the players, they each have different regimes they follow. Some more intense than others.

Devin Mitchell:

  •  What is your usual meal?

“In the mornings, a lot of fruit and granola bars.”

What does your diet consist of?

“I mix it up. Most of the time I eat clean, I like to eat fruit and salads.”

  •         Weight: 6-foot-4
  •         Height: 180 pounds
  •         Eating tip: “I try to stay away from fried food and catfish.”

Malik Benlevi

How does having a healthy diet help you stay healthy on the court?

“If you eat wrong you will probably get tired quicker on the court, you know, if you eat right you will have a lot more energy.”

Do you stick to your diet during the offseason or only during the regular season?

“During the offseason, I kind of fall off and eat whatever I want for a while, but I end up working it off.”

  •    Height: 6-foot-5

Weight: 205 pounds