Survivor Stories: The Radical Coalition of Survivors and a Letter of Demands

On June 1, a letter was sent to administrators and faculty across Georgia State in various departments signed by the “Radical Coalition of Survivors.”

The letter includes a list of failures and demands for Georgia State. The demands include extensive training of Georgia State employees and the termination of faculty accused of protecting and enabling predators.

Attached at the end of the letter is a developing list of abusers, demanding their immediate expulsion. 

The coalition states that it would be forced to take “public action” against Georgia State if a response wasn’t issued by June 5.

However, Vice President of Student Engagement and Programs Allison Calhoun-Brown wrote a letter in response to the coalition by their requested deadline. She expressed her confidence in how the university handles the reports and that past mistakes are corrected once identified. 

Calhoun-Brown also responded to the coalition’s concern over the disproportionate student to counselor ratio outlining Georgia State’s plans to double the counseling staff by “opening a new satellite office for the Counseling Center this fall … providing more resources to support … all students including those who may be victims of sexual assault.” 

Calhoun-Brown also mentioned the inability to verify the allegations stated in the coalition’s letter but said that every formal misconduct complaint will be investigated.

“I invite you to meet with me and a small team of senior university leaders to discuss our shared goals for a safe campus community,” she said.

Shanbrae McFarland Uwaifo, founder of the Radical Coalition of Survivors said she created the organization as a safe space for survivors of sexual assault.

“As I went through my own experience, I realized that I literally had no one to turn to, no community [that] centers survivors,” she said.

McFarland Uwaifo told The Signal that the names of the members of the coalition would remain anonymous. She said she would like the focus to remain on the accused rather than the victims.

Read the letter from the RCOS to the university administration below.



Editor’s Note: The letter from the Radical Coalition of Survivors in this article does not contain the final page, the “developing list of abusers” because the names on that list have not been confirmed by The Signal.