Summer Broke or nah?

It’s the time of year that you’ve been anticipating the most. You’ll finally be reunited with your old friends from high school, you get to spend extra time with your sweetie, you get to put in extra hours at work, or like a lot of students take a few classes you missed out on during the school year. Have you ever wondered why you don’t see more people on vacations or hanging out? Don’t you find it strange that the same people who have been craving the crisp summer days spend it trapped inside? It’s not a mirage or an illusion -it’s the curse of summer broke-ness.

Almost all the activities you partake in are going to require you to pay a nice piece of change. And if you think that prices are on a rise neither your pockets nor eyes are deceiving you. As someone who use to work at a movie theater the prices of everything does increase because they’re expecting larger crowds. Businesses success and income is somewhat based on your availability. Not all hope is lost. Instead of paying $9-$11 per ticket to see every hot summer release, weigh your options. Go to the drive-in instead that way you’re getting two movies for the price of one. Also it’s a great place to take a date or a group of friends because unlike the movie theater you’re not being charged by the number of people and you don’t have to worry about concessions breaking your pockets because you can bring snacks from home.

So you planned to take four courses this summer and already mapped out how you’ll spend your breaks in between those classes? You thought everything was in order until you got hit with the summer bill. Well you thought wrong. Not only are classes $30 more per class, but you also have to figure out a way to cover whatever expenses you thought the Pell Grant was going to cover. No, you can’t use Pell Grant over the summer. Here’s a suggested solution. Take those same classes at another university for almost a third for what you’d have to pay at Georgia State. Yes, I love my university and I bleed blue all day, but I’m not trying to have my pockets bleed out. Make sure you monitor the number of credit hours you take at another university because I think you have a 30 credit transfer limit. Also make sure you’re taking classes that will transfer over and count towards your degree; there’s no worse money than wasted money. Lastly, if you know that you’re going to want to take summer classes next year go ahead and save a few bucks. Take $20 from every paycheck and you’ll at least have enough for books. This is a way to test your budgeting skills as well. Do what you have to do after all you are your greatest investment.

So my fellow classmates and peers the moral of the story is to always look for a better financial solution. I guarantee there’s always a better alternative to every situation. Most important though, enjoy your break, actually take a break, and have fun!