StudyHubb: the must-have app for finals week

Photo courtesy of Jawad Mazhir, StudyHubb

Don’t you hate it when you want to study with a classmate, but your schedules don’t link up—leaving you to prepare on your own, or even worse, allow someone who isn’t taking the course to quiz you?

Jawad Mazhir, a Georgia State graduate student, co-founded an app where you won’t have to worry about that dilemma any longer! StudyHubb is the first “social studying” app that allows students to find other students to study with. You can create or join study groups, and send and receive messages from other students near you. It’s basically Tinder for finding your perfect studybuddy.

“StudyHubb is a swipe-based edtech app that allows college students to connect and engage with other college students. Users can filter out students by selecting a specific campus location or academic major,” Mazhir said.

Mazhir teamed up with Connor Garrett, the CEO of StudyHubb, to execute the idea while completing their undergraduate degree at Berry College. After graduating, Mazhir attended Georgia State to get his Master of Science degree in marketing. He did so in order to gain more knowledge to help expand on StudyHubb. He designed the original website, MVP, UI/UX and the logo.

“Being at a startup, you have to wear multiple hats. Officially, I am the Chief Product Manager. I help manage the different education and social learning products we are planning on releasing. The mobile app is just the beginning, we plan on releasing a very unique learning management system real soon,” Mazhir said.

Mazhir and his teammates identified a problem college students have regarding study conflicts and venturing outside of one’s comfort realm, and came up with a quick and easy fix.

So far, the app has over 5,000 downloads from more than four colleges around Atlanta. The purpose of the app is to combine different elements of technology to engage students in a different method of interactive learning.

“We want different types of students to meet up. This is the point of college; to escape your bubble and learn about yourself and others,” Mazhir said.

Mazhir believes they have a solid team that can handle any of the challenges that come with being a part of a start-up company.

“The other co-founders are just as competitive as I am and each member has a unique set of skills/personality traits that contribute to the growth of our company. I also think we have a very cool product and some great ideas for the future,” Mazhir said.

StudyHubb is available for both Android and iPhone users. Right now, the app is trending a five-star rating on PlayStore. It has been featured on BetaList, a platform that enables entrepreneurs to be discovered and allows users to gain early access to the latest technology, and in Built In Los Angeles, a website hub for startups and technology.

So grab your phone because finals are coming and your potential studybuddy is just one swipe away!