Students have new options to study abroad

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

In March and April, Georgia State’s Study Abroad Program offers multiple virtual advising sessions for students, which inform them about many related points such as exchange programs, scholarships, affordability and alumni opportunities.

In the spring 2021 semester, the big initiative for studying abroad focuses on the “free passport initiative,” enabling Georgia State students who have never held a U.S. passport to get their first passport.  

Laura Boudon, director of Study Abroad Programs, said: “This helps students take the first step in planning for a program abroad, and we have been excited that students have responded with considerable interest in the program.”

Boudon said this initiative is so popular that more than 1,700 students have started applications for it. 

“We are delighted to report that interest in study abroad remains high across campus. Through virtual advising and other outreach events, our staff is meeting with over 200 interested students per month,” Boudon said. 

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the program arrangements, but it offered students a more convenient way to take courses and learn about other countries at the same time. 

“Additionally, several of our study abroad programs have flipped to virtual study abroad options, so there are still opportunities to take exciting summer courses and learn about other cultures by faculty who are experts in these world regions,” Boudon said.

According to Panther Involvement Network (PIN), Georgia State offers over 75 study abroad programs in more than 25 countries. 

The programs are flexible, and the office is always available during spring break, the May-mester and the summer semester. There are also academic year programs and short-term programs for students to choose from during the standard fall and spring semesters.

“[Our mission is] to enable our diverse students to participate in safe, inclusive, high-quality, international academic for-credit experiences that contribute to their success as students and their global citizenship, support faculty as they create and lead these programs, and serve as a resource to our university community on international education,” the Study Abroad Program’s PIN page states.

Regardless of major, all Georgia State students can study abroad, and most of the programs are taught in English, making it easy for students to learn and have a memorable life experience. 

The $1,000 International Education Fee scholarship has made studying abroad possible for many students. Georgia State offers various study-abroad scholarships and aid for interested students, including university-wide scholarships, college and department-specific ones and national ones.