Student pranksters get laughs with pick-up lines

“Do you have a map? Because I just got lost in your eyes.”

Pick up lines come with a warning for their user: don’t use them. But for four Georgia State students, they are a way to get some laughs.

Anthony Lee, Robert Elmi, Mahad Suavero and Abilash Lyengar, known as the “Georgia State pranksters,” started doing pranks on each other as freshman roommates at Piedmont North dorms, room 509. The pranks were harmless and classic, such as putting shaving cream on a person’s hand and then tickling their face.

Submitted photo Lyengar, Lee, Elmi and Suavero of 5 OH 9 Productions prank just for fun.
Submitted photo
Lyengar, Lee, Elmi and Suavero of 5 OH 9 Productions prank just for fun.

Lee, founder of 5 OH 9 Productions, got inspired by student pranksters at the University of Florida’s videos. He was impressed, and turned to his roommate Abilash Lyengar and said, “This is us Lash, we can do this.”

The four students hit the streets, taking their pranks with them. Their YouTube channel, which has more than 10,000 views, has videos from their campus pranks. Their aim is to use pick up lines and dares to make women laugh or smile.

“I go at it as like totally a joke from the beginning to end. It’s more of a fun thing. It’s more of just showing we are guys,” Suavero said.

Though the guys use pick-up lines all the time, they don’t think they’re the best way to talk to women. But they do want to show other men at Georgia State that it is not that hard to go up to a woman and strike up a conversation.

“We just want to show dudes that it’s not hard to talk to girls. You could say the most random, cheesy pick-up lines possible and it will work,” Suavero said.

But with pranking comes the threat of backlash from people involved. Lyengar witnessed this first hand.

“Lash went up to a girl and said how much of me do you think I can put into you? She got mad and walked away, and then came back and said ‘You’re a dick’ and walked away again. All we could do was laugh,” Lee said.

When the pranksters go out they have the intention of recording and putting the videos up on their YouTube channel, but the people do not know that they are recording. Some people do not like this idea and will get mad because they did not tell them beforehand.

Lyengar had a date set up with the intention of recording the happenings, but as soon as the woman found out about the videos on YouTube, she cancelled it.

Lee said that for 5 OH 9 productions, though, they would not be successful without the help of social media like YouTube.

What’s in store for 5 OH 9 Productions? Videos where they just start “normal” conversations with women.

But the pranksters will continue to do pick-up line videos and dares, and they might get a few dates along the way.