Student creates an Atlanta-based soccer media company

Kleats Sports Group uses creative photographers and videographers to showcase local Atlanta soccer teams. Photo Submitted Kleats Media Company.

The world of soccer is fast-paced, diverse and full of character.

While the sport still thrives overseas, the American fanbase is present and steadily increasing.

Georgia State sophomore Kadeem Killikelly and his brother Kosi saw this growing fanbase as the perfect opportunity to start a local media company focused on the sport they love.

Kleats Sports Group uses video highlights and photography to showcase local and out-of-state soccer talent.

The business was an organic collaboration for the brothers. 

“My brother Kosi and I sat down and decided there was a gap to fill regarding soccer culture in America,” Killikelly said. “We both have a skill set in film, photography and media, so we decided to tag team and showcase what American soccer is about through Kleats.”

Their collaboration and the natural-born partnership has faced many struggles and achievements as an emerging media company competing against more prominent sports.

“The biggest accomplishment … would have to be the feedback,” Killikelly said. “The players enjoy what we are doing for the community.”

The lack of buzz surrounding soccer compared to other sports has led the brand to focus on its marketing. Kleats primarily uses Instagram and Facebook to showcase game clips, player highlights and photos. 

While the company is currently trying to expand, it prides itself on being multifaceted, always looking to capture the next big soccer moment.

Covering soccer events has aided in client growth and their ability to book clients in various ways.

Kleats is primarily gaining clients by having them reach out from previous work or seeking collaboration for more high profile events.

Like most, the brand is working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But they look forward to doing more in-person events as things begin to open up again.

Fortunately for the brothers, quarantine has allowed for more strategizing and engagement growth.

Interactive campaigns on their social media, such as “Tekkers Tuesdays,” focus on extraordinary and fast-paced moves and help the brand stay connected with social media followers. Through this interactive Instagram story, followers can DM clips they like and then vote on which video is best.

Staying connected and keeping followers wanting more are top priorities right now and are essential in a pandemic.

Kleats is a brand to watch as they display soccer through their unique lens and continue to make an impact in the Atlanta soccer community and beyond.