Staying organized is stressful but necessary

Staying organized can be stressful, but it is also very necessary. Photo by Hanna Middleton | The Signal

Organizational skills are a significant factor in living a successful life. Whether for work or school, being organized can help you succeed in the most stressful situations. But no one ever talks about how stressful it is to keep up that kind of lifestyle. 

When it comes to organization, all people ever talk about is how it leads to future success. No one talks about how stressful it is to maintain an organized life. If you are anything like me, you might feel like you are failing in life because things are not as organized as they should be. 

Being organized has some perks. According to Organized Transitions, being organized can save quite a bit of time. If you need to get a specific piece of paper you have put away somewhere, keeping organized can help you save time because you won’t spend too much time finding it. 

But how much time does it take to organize those theoretical papers? 

Staying organized is not just a method; it is a lifestyle. You have to clean daily, put things away and remember where you put them and why. The upkeep is stressful for many people because they feel pressured into maintaining their organizational systems and feel like a failure if they slip. 

Some people put too much pressure into staying neat and organized as a result of being threatened. For example, many teachers and professors say that if students want to succeed in their class, they must stay organized.

The potential failure to stay organized is intimidating, especially to students who juggle several courses they want to succeed in. Staying organized is stressful because, if you are used to this lifestyle, there is always this little voice in the back of your head asking you, ‘is my space neat enough?’ 

For me, I always felt like my space was neat or organized enough. If my work area were not neat or organized, I would feel like a failure because I was always told being contained is the key to success. I would pressure myself into thinking that way because I, like everyone else, was afraid of failure.

Part of this organizational lifestyle is finding time to reorganize. Some people put time aside at least once a week to reorganize things. But, sometimes finding the time is challenging because free time is not always available to you. If finding free time is difficult, the last thing you would want to do is waste it by reorganizing. 

Reorganizing is as essential to some as studying for an exam. It is imperative during these times of final exams. By reorganizing, you could be reviewing old work you did throughout the semester, giving a boost to your final grade.

Staying organized is both stressful and rewarding because it can lead to your success or potentially lead to failure. Just because it is stressful does not mean one should not do it, but one should not feel forced or threatened. Teachers, parents, or our peers remind us to stay organized because they want us to succeed. But is it genuinely worth being forced to do it by threats of failure?