Spider-Man: Homecoming tops the box office with a fresh and innovative adaptation

Spidey tops the box office

There is no doubt that Spider-Man Homecoming is one of this summer’s greatest film successes. In its opening weekend, the Marvel film grossed $257 million worldwide and is Sony’s second highest opening ever, according to CNN money. The storyline follows a young and awkward Peter Parker working as an intern for his mentor Tony Stark, commonly known as Iron Man, all while trying to balance being a teenage superhero and the normal issues that come with being a high school student. Of course, the film was not complete without the iconic cameo appearance of  Spider-Man creator and comic book legend, Stan Lee, who audiences will see within the first hour of the film.

A fresh and innovative cast and film

The film stars English actor Tom Holland as Peter Parker—also known as Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Homecoming is complete with fresh faces as well as a star studded cast including actress and singer Zendaya, musician and actor Donald Glover, actress Marisa Tomei as Aunt May and Michael Keaton as the villainous “Vulture.”

Although the film is a box office success, popular among audiences and humorous, not everyone was laughing. According to ABC News, the world of social media had some fans voicing their disappointment that the film would be changing the ethnicity of the Mary Jane character from a red-haired, Caucasian to a more creative and innovative approach of casting Zendaya, who is mixed African-American.

Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, found out and decided to head Twitter to address the virtual conversation by spreading a message of positivity, empowerment and intelligence. “…unfortunately some people have to work harder to get recognition for their talent. Sick world we live in. Zendaya still slays as usual.” After being criticized by another fan on Twitter for speaking out in Zendaya’s defense, Jackson went on to say, “Girls bicker. Women stick together and fight for one another.”

This fresh and innovative adaptation of the beloved Marvel hero was everything! It is clear that Marvel went about this movie with a slightly different approach compared to the previous Spider-Man films. It’s more modern, fresh and filled with non-stop action, so there is never a boring moment in sight. Audiences won’t be able to ignore the non-stop humor and wit that typically comes with watching “their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.”  

Verdict: The film’s overall message of inclusion, whether through its diverse cast or watching Peter Parker overcome his awkward teenage years, will continue to have audiences everywhere tuning into their Spidey senses and swinging into movie theatres across the globe.

Grade: A