Social media is the new diary

Is it just me, or does it seem like social media has become the new online diary? If I open my Twitter app right now I can literally scroll through hundreds of personal tweets from people that, quiet frankly, I don’t even know that well.

It is amazing to me how comfortable people are with Tweeting, or Instagraming out information that should be private or only discussed between certain people. For example R&B singers Rihanna and Ciara recently got into a small spat, and because the incident was so public, it soon became everyone’s business instead of just their own (as it should have been).

According to Business Insider, the two singers had been involved in a public Twitter quarrel before back in 2011. However, the feud rekindled when “Goodies” singer Ciara went on a radio interview at Wild 94.9 in the Bay area and pretty much low-key called Rihanna crazy.

“I think she’s nuts right now!,” Ciara said in the interview. “Like whatever’s going on because for me it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t have beef with anybody, but I’m not going to be disrespected either. I wish her well. I don’t know what her problem is. She has a lot of good things going on with herself. A lot of good things I’ve always said I’ve been happy for her. I don’t get it. I really don’t, but I wish her well. I wish her positivity.”

After seeing a post on Instagram about the comment Ciara made, Rihanna then responded back with a slew of shady comments.

“How you gon hate from outside???,” Rihanna, quoting a lyric from tatted boyfriend Christopher Brown’s song, said. “Thanks for the free promeaux sis!! When will they start asking her questions about HER?”

Then Ciara responded back with a couple of her own jabs towards Rihanna via Twitter.

“I am baffled. The obsession really makes no sense. This is getting out of hand…” Ciara said. “Somebody please point her in the right direction, cuz she clearly needs love and affection.. :)”

Incidents like these make me question whether or not people have become too open on social media or not. Personally, I feel like networking sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook give people a false sense of security in two ways.

  1. Making them feel like they really have thousands of personal friends.
  2. Making them feel like they can say what ever they want to say over the Internet.

Public arguments like the ones Rihanna and Ciara had should not be dished out all over social media sites because in doing that people open themselves up to harsh criticism from everyone who follows them. They also deprive themselves of their own right to privacy.

Would you go up to a bunch of people who you barely know and start telling them about your sister, that you don’t like? More than likely, the answer is “no.” So why would you do it over social media?

It may say that you 2,345 followers, but I seriously doubt you’ve had an intimate and personal encounter with all 2,345 of them. Therefore, it’s not really their place to know all of your dirty little secrets. I understand that social media is a form of self-expression, but I just feel it’s important that people be more mindful of the content they put out for everyone to see.