Six students distinguished with crowns, sashes and applause

The 2018 Homecoming Court reveal in Unity Plaza brings new faces to this year’s royal court. Photo by Unique Rodriguez | The Signa

Students, faculty and fans bundled up in jackets in the sparsely populated stands overlooking Georgia State Stadium’s field as the homecoming court waited for their names to be called, each hoping for the crowns, sashes and applause that would be granted to only six students.

Before arriving to the stadium, the court marched in the golf cart parade, faces beaming and hands waving to the crowd. As they stood on the field, those same expressions lit up each face when the loud speaker cracked to life.

Students’ votes had been counted, and it was time for the Panthers to know their new royalty.

Tyrel Cooper and Samantha Harvel were crowned Mr. and Ms. GSU, respectively. Shamar Barkley and Chelsea Adams now represent Georgia State as Mr. and Ms. Blue and White. Out of the five perimeter campuses, Andrew Lay and Alana Burrell were voted as Mr. and Ms. Perimeter.

The announcements were brief as the court was ushered on and off the field, making way for the football game to kick off again.

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