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A short list of Netflix original summer releases: Here’s the new stuff Netflix has poppin’ over the next few months

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Summer is full of hot, lazy days where you want to watch great new films but don’t want to leave the house. Okay, I hear you. Thankfully Netflix is going all-in when it comes to creating and distributing new releases, so here are a few titles that Netflix has either created start to finish or is distributing on its streaming service this summer. Enjoy your bed and the AC!

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“Blame!” (May 20)

Let’s start with what’s available to stream right now. “Blame!” is the film adaptation of Tsutomu Nihei’s manga series of the same name. I’ve been assured by Indiewire, who in turn has been assured by some other unnamed, in-the-know entity, that it has been seen as “visually impossible” to adapt. Nonetheless, Netflix stepped up to make the impossible, possible. It’s a cyberpunk apocalypse story in which hero Killy struggles to bring a technologically off-kilter world back to order, and yeah, the trailer looks pretty badass.

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“War Machine” (May 26)

You, dear reader, may be able to watch “War Machine” as soon as you read this article, but at the time of this writing, I get nothing but the trailer and the constant Netflix advertisements. “War Machine” is a big time Netflix release (if this provocatively titled Guardian article doesn’t make that clear enough), with a star-studded cast, and, kinda surprisingly, “Animal Kingdom” director David Michôd at the helm. The film is based on Michael Hastings book “The Operators” and stars Brad Pitt as General Glen McMahon, based on real life General Stanley McChrystal. Anthony Michael Hall, Topher Grace, Tilda Swinton, and Ben Kingsley are all top billed too, which explains the $60 million Netflix shelled out to distribute this baby.

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“Okja” (June 28)

Bias up front: I’m stupidly excited to see “Okja.” First off, it’s directed by the ever lovely and always bonkers Bong-Joon Ho, director of such delights as “Snowpiercer” (2013) and “The Host” (2006), so it’s bound to be wonderfully weird and will probably be amazingly engaging. Secondly, it’s about a little Korean girl hell bent on keeping Tilda Swinton from slaughtering a giant, puppy-like “super pig” for food. I mean, I don’t know what else to say. Just watch the trailer and get ready for its Netflix premiere.

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“To The Bone” (July 14th)

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Netflix paid eight million bucks at Sundance this year to acquire the rights to this drama (maybe, say, with an assumption about the popularity of “Thirteen Reasons Why” influencing their decision? Mere speculation, of course). Marti Noxon’s film stars Lily Collins as a girl struggling with anorexia and also features Keanu Reeves, Lili Taylor, and Liana Liberato, among other familiar faces. Keanu Reeves and “eating disorder drama” don’t really make sense to me put together like that but, hey, whatever Noxon wants.

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“Naked” (August 11)

Based on the trailer alone, this movie is “Groundhog Day” with naked Marlon Wayans on an elevator. And nothing more. Which I guess is a fair enough premise, especially considering the story is on its second go, with the film being a remake of the 2000 Swedish comedy “Naken.” If Sweden liked it, why shouldn’t we? Wayans plays Rob, a guy who wakes up naked in an elevator on his wedding day and keeps reliving the same naked elevator nightmare over and over again. Regina Hall co-stars as his eternal fiance.


Hopefully, these will help get you through those steamy summer nights when you just can’t leave your house but gotta have a hot new flick. Though this list might be short, keep your eyes peeled—Netflix has plenty of movies planned that don’t have release dates yet.