SGA Vice President resigns position

Less than a month before graduation, Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President Ashley Epperson announced she will be resigning from her position as president of the SGA Senate.

“This is very emotional for me, but it is something I wanted to do,” she said. “I have decided to graduate this semester.”

Applications for Epperson’s successor opened today.

When asked whether he would be taking interest in the newly opened position, potential candidate Lanier Henson said he will probably be staying in his role as vice president of Student Services.

“I haven’t really thought about it, but maybe,” Henson said, adding that Epperson “has done a great job… It will be hard finding someone to replace her.”

According to SGA bylaws, candidates applying for the SGA vice president position will be reviewed by the Senate Confirmation Committee led by President Pro Tempore Jodie Ann Johnston.

Johnston, along with three succeeding senate members, will interview each candidate before final nominations are made.

Nominations will be approved by standing President Andrew Whyte, who has 10 business days to make a final decision.