SGA encourages greater student participation

Applications for positions in SGA were made available to Georgia State students at the SGA office in the University Center, Suite 400 on Feb. 10. While some positions will inevitably be filled by incumbents, a handful of new faces will also be seated at the SGA meetings in the fall semester.

At the Feb. 19 SGA Townhall meeting, President Andrew Whyte made it clear that one of his biggest goals during his tenure in office was to find ways to give back to students without raising fees.

“We created the green fee and the library fee,” Whyte said. “These fees were created from the reallocation of other mandatory fees. The goal of the library fee is to create enough funding to increase the hours of operation at the libraries on campus.”

According to Whyte, the ultimate goal is to see a 24-hour library created at Georgia State. He also noted that the implementation of such a library would require consideration in aspects of transportation and security.

This is not the first time members of the SGA Executive Branch have expressed interest in the creation of a 24-hour library however. Talks of such a library have been in the works since former Vice President Ashley Epperson was in office last semester, when the library fee was created.

During the meeting, members of the executive board also said they wanted to encourage students to become more involved in SGA. President Whyte noted that, with the upcoming elections, the SGA is promoting as much as they can to fill vacancies left by soon-to-be former members.

We have dramatically increased our visibility from last year,” Camryn Bradley, the VP for public relations said. “We’re tweeting, and we’re on Instagram.”

Any student can apply to become an active member on the board or on one of the many SGA legislative committees. Students can also have their voices heard by simply giving feedback to their current SGA representatives. SGA feedback forms are available online or outside of the SGA office.