Serial TV Production Creates Series In A Semester

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Written by Journalism and Film Major: Elizabeth Doversola

After a college admission scandal is uncovered, Emily Chandler becomes a prime suspect in the high-profile murder case of the university choir director, Dr. Preminger. The strong-willed detective assigned to the case has something to prove and will stop at nothing to solve the murder.” 

Over the years, films and tv shows based on college students and their lives on campus have continued to thrive. How to Get Away with Murder, Community, Pitch Perfect, etc. While it may not be uncommon to see college life played out on screen, students being behind the actual creation of the show itself is noteworthy. During the fall semester of 2021, Georgia State’s Film, Media, & Theatre, and School of Music students have collaborated with faculty members to create season 2 of a 6-episode drama series, Murder in b flat (MIBF). 

Over the course of 14 weeks, students are given the opportunity to work in a department of their choice. The actors, camera crew, prop masters, wardrobe, sound operators, publicists, editors, and producers, are all roles that students can apply for. The course is designed to prepare students to have the skillsets necessary to walk on set with confidence after completion. Each week, a film schedule is sent out to the cast and crew through the front office (also a role held by students). The schedule consists of the actor’s call times, filming locations, shot list, and specific instructions for departments. Associate director at Georgia State University, Philip Lewis shares how MIBF allows students to experience various roles in the film industry before graduation. 

“When I became a professor, I wanted to give students as much experience and opportunities on set as possible,” said Lewis. 

Lewis has worked on networks such as NBC and CBS and has been directing and producing in the film industry for over 35 years. He is also the director of the film study abroad program at Georgia State that allows students to experience the process of filmmaking in Budapest Hungary. Marquise Jones, a film student at Georgia State shares his experience working as an editor on the show. 

“Even though editing a series is different than editing a short film, I am confident that the skills and knowledge that I have gained from working on MIBF will help me grow as an editor for future productions,” said Jones. 

As season 2 of the series wraps at the end of the semester, a public premiere will take place to showcase the student’s hard work and dedication to the community and future employers. 


How to apply to work on MIBF 

If you are interested in applying for this course you can register online through PAWS under the name TV SERIAL PRODUCTION 4140

For more information regarding the opportunity to study film and media abroad, contact Dr. Philip Lewis @

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