Senior leadership on display

James Vincent shoots over defender. Patrick Duffy | THE SIGNAL

Many would think being the only senior and biggest player on the team would satisfy anyone’s college career.

James Vincent, however, remains humble about his goals.

James Vincent is the lone senior on the men's basketball team this season. Andres Cruz-Wellmann | THE SIGNAL
James Vincent is the lone senior on the men’s basketball team this season. Andres Cruz-Wellmann | THE SIGNAL

Vincent said nobody really inspired him to play basketball, but like many players he had a family member who used to play the game.

“I can’t say anything inspires me to play basketball, I just play because it’s fun,” Vincent said.. “My father played at SC State when he was in college and I wanted to beat my father’s records as far as blocks.”

Speaking of records, Vincent is closing in on several school records. He’s already achieved a lot at Georgia State including averaging 2.8 points following 2.4 rebounds per game in just three seasons.

“I am very proud of these goals because I never expected to be how it is now,” Vincent said. “I just broke a record for most blocks and I am ranked in the nation for blocks now. I never thought I could get to something like that.”

Vincent is the only senior on the team. Playing with a young team is not a problem for him.

With five freshmen and six sophomores, Vincent said he has never seen a young team so determined.

“It’s very fun playing with this team and they are all very funny guys,” Vincent said. “They keep me laughing and they are really determined, to be such young guys. That keeps me motivated, to see them that way and they play like it is their last year playing.”

Off the court, Vincent said he clicks the most with players David Travers and TJ Shipes, the biggest jokers on the team.

Head coach Ron Hunter can be hard on Vincent, but only for his own good.

“I think he is a great coach because he knows what he is doing,” Vincent said. “He yells and actually speaks his mind more than most coaches. I think he actually understand me more than any other coach that I have had.”

Music is associated with many athletes’ pregame routines, but not Vincent.

“I’m actually a backwards ball player,” Vincent said. “I like to take a nap before the games and I don’t listen to music because I fear that is kind of distracting. It gets me crunk, but at the same time the lyrics are in my mind the whole game.”

Vincent, a studio art major, is that he wants to be a graphic designer after graduation and would like to own his own business.

Vincent, always a team player, feels like his last season could be the start of something good for Georgia State.

“I feel it’s more about them than it is for me,” Vincent said. “It’s my last year and I need to set a platform for them to build upon.”

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