Romantic movie night: Zodiac edition

Love is in the air, which means it’s the perfect time to cuddle up and watch your favorite romance movies. This week we will be exploring Venus signs and compatible zodiac pairings. 

Venus signs reflect your ideal relationship and what makes you happy when in love.

The first perfect pairing is Cancer and Scorpio. This pair thrives because where one is weak, the other is strong. Both share a mutual understanding of what they seek romantically, which perfectly aligns with their drive to accomplish their goals. 

The perfect movie for this pairing is “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” a film about two assassins with the same target who navigate power struggles and an unexpected relationship.

Next are Aries and Sagittarius. Both signs enjoy making each other laugh and keeping things light and positive. When both are present, a good time is almost always guaranteed. 

A movie these two would enjoy is “Always Be My Maybe,” a couple’s quirky love story, that ends with a fun relationship where both fully embrace their true selves.

Virgo and Capricorn are the next pairings. These two are hard workers who choose to seclude themselves and have private personal lives. Though they may be a little hesitant to start a new relationship, they bond over their similarities and find comfort in each other. 

Crazy Rich Asians” perfectly encapsulates this romance. The main characters also throw themselves into their ambitions but can be secluded romantically once disapproval is present. Eventually, they find solace in one another. 

Two spotlight lovers who form an unlikely pair are Leo and Libra. Although they both love being the center of attention, they don’t outshine each other or push each other out of the limelight. Their bond is strong, and they end up complementing each other well.

A Star is Born” is a perfect example of this dynamic and the perfect movie for this pairing. The film showcases a love story between two lovers in the spotlight, as her career takes off while he battles his inner demons.

Gemini and Pisces is another well-made match that compliments each other’s differences. Gemini is compassionate and understanding, while Pisces is more in tune with their emotions, allowing them to balance each other. 

This pair’s ideal movie is “The Notebook,” a timeless tale that focuses on loving someone who is different from you but seems to compliment you perfectly, providing the perfect love story for this pair.

Taurus and Aquarius are last but not least. They are a rare pairing, but they bring out the best sides of each other. Taurus is down to earth and not very open to change, while Aquarius is ever-evolving. Both are ambitious and seek success in their personal lives. 

Taurus and Aquarius’ can see their dynamic in the movie “Set It Up.” This movie follows two overly ambitious business people, set up by their assistants, who struggle to accept their good pairing.

This Valentine’s Day, the safest date night consists of staying at home, getting cozy and cuddling up to a romance movie. Consider using your and your partner’s Venus signs to find the perfect romance story to end your Valentine’s Day the right way.