Role-playing around the holidays

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a time for us to dress up and be completely different people than we are normally. We become people we can’t be in real life— whether that’s a slutty maid, Cleopatra or a giant M&M. But why should we only dress up once a year?

I’m talking about role-playing here, people.

Role-playing can add spice to your sex life. There are a lot of different fantasies you can pitch to your partner that include those Halloween costumes buried under last semester’s books in your closet.

For example: To the women reading this—you were a sexy maid last year. Surprise your guy and have him come home to find you cleaning his home in your sexy maid costume. He will definitely appreciate it.

Guys, you can do this too! You were a zombie doctor last year? Leave the blood and gore at home, but play the dirty doctor with your partner. Were you Tarzan (and kudos to you if you had the guts to pull that one off)? Sweep your Jane off her feet and treat her to a night of wild jungle sex.

Many people think you have to stay in character or be serious through the entire role-playing scene. Not the case! The most important aspect of role-playing is to have fun! Don’t take the situation or yourself too seriously. You don’t have to become a dominatrix overnight; just explore your fantasies.

Well, unless it’s your fantasy to become a dominatrix. Then by all means, get out that latex and a whip.