Ringing the transparency bell

Potential Student Government Association candidates canvassed the Courtyard, next to Library North, today to bring awareness to the upcoming debates and elections.

The platform among most of the contenders was transparency.

Ashley Epperson, who is running for Executive Vice President, said she thinks there could be more done to advertise SGA meetings. “Communication and visibility” are among her chief concerns if elected.

Tyler Lewis, running for Vice President of Budget and Finance, agrees that SGA needs to “make the meeting more transparent,” as well as have them on a more consistent basis.

“I want everyone to know who the SGA is,” said Alfonzo Dixon, Senator of the College of Arts and Science candidate, adding that he wants students to be more involved in SGA affairs.

Beyond more open government, Epperson said, “I want a 24-hour library … or at least extended library hours,” said Epperson. “That’s one of my big issues.”

She suggested continuing the Library Fee after it ends later this year.

Voting begins in April and the candidates are having a series of campaigning events this week and next week in hopes of filling their desired positions.

“I am out here to build support,” Executive Vice President candidate Sebhastien Gibosse said. “The courtyard is a good place to campaign because it is where all GSU students are, from the commuters to the on-campus residents.”

Senator for Arts and Sciences candidate Justin Brightharp wants for voters to know that he is transparent.

Brightharp said giving students the opportunity to come and ask him about his goals as a senator displays his willingness to be open.

Kelli Craig, a Senator for the College of Education candidate, agreed with Brightharp.

“I feel as if us being out here shows students that we’re serious; I just want to make a difference,” Craig said.

Candidates will continue to campaign in the Courtyard all this week followed by a debate at 7 p.m. in the Speakers Auditorium this Thursday night, which will be live streamed on GSTV.