Review: ‘The Wedding Ringer’



While the focus in January goes to award-winning movies, there are other – and often lighter in theme – films to choose from, “The Wedding Ringer” is one of them.

Starring Kevin Hart, the movie tells the story of Doug Harris (Josh Gad), a man facing a challenge before the wedding of his dreams: find seven best men to be in his wedding. After the few acquaintances that he does have refuse his invitation, he looks for Jimmy Callahan (Hart), who has a business that provides best men to socially awkward grooms.

The movie has a good start as the idea has some potential to keep viewers intrigued. However, as expected, this is yet another comedy with a predictable ending. Guessing the end of this odyssey is not difficult, as the characters provide plenty of clues early on about how everything will turn out. Once viewers overcome the fact that the story will cause any great surprises, there is still time to enjoy the film.

The opening scene is well written, as it throws viewers right into the story. Showing Doug making multiple calls to people he knows – and getting rejected by all of them – is an effective way to show his character status in life and his dilemma.

The acting by Hart, Gad and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting is never exceptional and never go too far. On a positive note, the casting of the three seems to match well to the character types the movie attempts to convey. It is a story about the awkward guy marrying the hottest girl around, aided by an unlikely and street-smart mentor.

Hart and Gad provide the audience some gags, such as during the moments they create fake pictures that are supposed to show their long friendship. Although no gag is exceptionally funny – and some seem trite and forced – they come often, and at least keep things moving forward.

“The Wedding Ringer” does not seem the type of movie to watch in January, if you are going off priority. It is the time to catch up on the Oscar nominees before the awards come next month.

However, if you are just looking for a relaxing evening of comedy with your friends or a special someone, this movie may be your safest bet. Just make sure to choose something else if you want a movie to take seriously!