Resolutions Check-in

In an effort to humanize the Signal writing staff (and because for
one stupid moment publishing our personal shortcomings seemed like a
good idea), four staff writers from the Arts & Living team published
their 2014 resolutions last year. Now, we’re following up to see how the process is going nearly four months into the year.

Naja McGowan

1. Get a good internship

I’m doing some virtual internship work at the moment, but I’m still working to secure a “good” summer internship.

2. Stop procrastinating

I’ve consciously put more effort toward not procrastinating this year, but I still fall victim to it occasionally.

3. Stop drinking pop (soda)

I stopped drinking full calorie pop if that counts (it probably doesn’t).

4. Blog more

I’ve done well with this resolution and have been committed to posting more quality material more consistently.

5. Get all aspects of my life more organized

I’ve taken many steps to get my life more organized this year. I’m doing a lot better with scheduling and keeping my space organized.

6. Go to a concert at least once every 2 months

I guess I failed this resolution. I actually would have accomplished it had the Sam Smith concert I got tickets to not been cancelled.

7. Learn to create and actually follow a budget

What’s a budget again?

Grade: B-

Mahad Mousse

1. Give soccer a chance, even if it is boring, has low scoring, rules I don’t understand, and seems to be played mostly by overpaid Europeans who think they’re soooo much better than me.

I am now actually aware soccer’s both 1) a thing and 2) pretty damn exciting once you get over the low scores. There’s something magical to appreciate about a 90 minute game off non stop action with NO DAMN COMMERCIALS.

2. Strive to be less envious of others. Be it of their success, ablates, accomplishments or the fact that they happen to be wealthy European soccer players.

When I penned this way back when I was an sweaty, unemployed college student, relying on dwindling funds, and glaring angrily at anyone who could afford reliable cell phone service. Since then I’ve gotten an average looking cell phone that comes with a free copy of Snake, have been turned down from two jobs, and am still bothered by the fact European soccer players, for the most part, continue to be good looking and overpaid.

3. Be more willing to have non crazy friends. Sure, it may seem weird, and different, but not every friend encounter has to be dominated by discussing what limbs you would be willing to sacrifice first if caught in a death trap.

On the plus side, I’ve since made more friends. On the downside, I’ve concluded that pretty much all of them are crazy. But flipping it back to the upside, I can’t remember why I ever thought this was a bad thing.

4. Learn to be more assertive when arguing for pay raises/keeping a job.

Still no job. But it’s something I maintained assertively! So, a win then, perhaps?

5. Graduate by [YEAR TO BE DETERMINED]

I’m officially going to graduate in the Spring! All set to get on out of this place. It’s been real Georgia State! ……………Oh, that’s actually made me a little sad.

6. Give Billy Corgan less of a hard time

Considering Corgan has yet to show any remorse or look less like a shaved Troll, it’s only been easier to continue right on giving him a hard time more than ever before. At least last year you had a halfway decent Smashing Pumpkins album to hide behind, Corgan!

7. Continue to give Thom Yorke a hard time. Keep telling yourself people care about your stupid side projects or anything about you that isn’t Radiohead, Thom.

Long story short? It would seem that the task of giving Thom Yorke a hard time HAS gotten a little harder with me grudgingly admitting that maybe I underestimated him.

Grade: C+

Paul Demerritt
1. Gym six days a week. No exceptions.

Really, no exceptions? For some reason the new year always turns me into a masochist.

2. Get front row at an OutKast concert.

I don’t care if I have to endure a third-degree sunburn and wear a diaper to keep my place, I WILL be front row for OutKast’s triumphant return at CounterPoint.

3. Meditate twice daily.

I’ve come to include throwing the frisbee with my dog and staring absent-minded at my ceiling for hours on end as valid forms of meditation, so I’m just gonna say I have excelled at this goal thus far.

4. Start growing more food in my backyard

After planting an absurd amount of carrots, kale, spinach and lettuce I can successfully say I managed to harvest about enough for a depressingly small side salad. But I was the divine creator of that side salad so I’m just going to call this goal a resounding success.

5. Start writing and recording music instead of just keeping it in my head

So far jamming out to songs I make up in my head is still the closest I’ve gotten to playing Carnegie Hall. This goal is in dire need of revival.

6. Try to purchase as much food as possible from local sources

My heart was in this goal but my budget, however, was not. I’m amending this goal to “try to purchase as much as food as possible from local sources when my weekly food budget manages to break into the double digits.”

7. Find a job that’s actually relevant to my career

If by “job” you mean “unpaid internship,” then I have totally conquered this goal. But if by “job” you mean “work that could feasibly keep me alive,” then I have a long, long way to go.

8. Travel somewhere new at least once a month

While my new adventures don’t exactly involve the most exotic locales, I have been very faithful in indulging in spontaneous excursions that jive well with my meager adventure budget.

9. Work on an organic farm in some place I’ve never been to

Hopefully I’ll be able to salvage some free time over the summer to work on a farm somewhere in the Pacific Northwest – hopefully being the key word here. This goal is very much in progress.

10. Never take anything too seriously

I should probably just exclude this goal from any future resolutions because I’m way too adept at not taking things seriously to actually refer to it as a “goal.” It’s more of a perpetual state of immaturity.

Grade: B-

Jewel Wicker

1. Exercise regularly

I’ve done a pretty good job of exercising, although with the weather changing I would like to get outside more. I also want to try a few classes at the Rec.

2. Cook more

I set a goal to bring my lunch to school more often, which means I have been cooking pretty regularly. I haven’t been able to try as many new recipes as I would like, though.

3. Take breaks when necessary

I must admit I have been less anal about sticking to my to-do list. Although, this usually just makes my next day more stressful.

4. Volunteer (more specifically, oversee a Relay for Life team)

I’m working on it.

5. Attend at least one music festival (preferably Coachella, because of Outkast)

I’m not going to Coachella, because I’m not made of money, but I do hope to see the duo at a festival a little closer to home. CounterPoint, here I come!

6. Become a published music journalist

In an effort to remain optimistic about this goal, I’ll just say it hasn’t happened YET. It’s on my vision board, though, so it will definitely happen by December. Hopefully sooner.

7. Manage anxiety/stress


8. Keep a daily journal

I keep a weekly(ish) journal. It’s a start.

9. Have fun

The crazy thing about my senior year so far is it has been both fun and exhausting all at the same time.

10. Meditate regularly

I’ve gotten much better with meditating, although I need to learn to set time aside regularly.