Pro-Life Group promotes anti-abortion views in Library Plaza

Justice for All, an organization invited by Georgia State’s Christian outreach program, CRU, displayed a photo exhibit and provided dialogue about abortion to students in the library plaza on April 15.

“The goal of Justice For All is to provide dialogue on abortion and ultimately to make abortion unthinkable through constructive dialogue and display to bring awareness,” Katherine Wurts, full-time staff member of the organization said.

Wurts said that the purpose of the graphic pictures is to make injustice visible.

“We are hoping these pictures will wake us up in our slumbers about abortion,” she said.

Volunteers for the organizations varied from college to high school students.

Nick Franco, volunteer and junior at Fellowship Christian High, said that the organization is different because of way the information is given.

“As an organization, we are different. Others try to force their views on people. However, we share our views and listen to other people’s opinions. Some people go into abortion clinic and do not know what goes on. This exhibit is designed to show what actually happens,” he said.

The Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of Atlanta is one of the resources available for people who have had an abortion or are currently going through an unplanned pregnancy, according to the organization.

Justice for All began it’s exhibit on April 14th and concluded on April 15th between the hours of 10 a.m-2 p.m.

For more information on abortion and ways to get involved one can go to