Presidential elections being appealed

The results of last month’s controversial Student Government election are being appealed to the Student Judicial Board by Andrew Whyte, a member of the runner up ticket.

“I think it is important that fairness is at the heart of our discussion,” Whyte said. “This is why I appealed the 2013 SGA election results–my decision to do so came about after I reviewed the details surrounding the election. I am confident in our judicial body and their ability to review the rules and regulations put in place to make the proper decision and appease Georgia State students. I hope in doing this, students will see that is is okay to stand up when they feel cheated.”

Ashley Epperson, who was announced president elect after the sudden disqualification of running mate Christian Hill, was unable to be sworn in as president last night due to Whyte’s appeal, according to SGA advisor Dr. Darryl Holloman.

“The Board is reviewing his appeal to determine whether [Epperson] remains as president or if the ticket is disqualified,” Holloman said.

The Student Judicial Board was expected to meet at 2 p.m. Friday. Holloman projects their decision will be announced on Monday.

SGA Administrative Assistant Tiffany Butts said last night’s inauguration was not open to the student body, because there was not enough space at the venue.

Chris Shattuck contributed to this article.