Picture Perfect: An insight to Exlucis

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Exlucis thrives off that concept. The interactive photography club has created a name for itself here on campus through several events and projects. The President, Robert Duchateau, informs students on all the aspects surrounding Exlucis.

Q: What is Exlucis?

Duchateau: Exlucis is a student run photography club at GSU, we focus on engaging the community through holding exhibitions, artist talks and critical discussion about photography. 

Q: What projects, in the past, or that are coming up are you guys excited about or have been a positive effect on the organization?

Duchateau: Just recently, we held a discussion about the current trends in our members work with visiting artist Chris Wiley who gave a talk later that day as part of the VALS series. 

Q: What are some events that the club holds every year?

Duchateau: We hold a curated show every year in a space around the city. Last year we hung the work at Kai Lin art and Mint gallery director, Candice Greathouse, curated it. Previously we’ve been in the Mammal  Gallery and Low Museum. We also usually hold a more experimental show in between the curated one every year.

Q: When did the organization first get started? What were the initial hopes for its creation? 

Duchateau: It has been around longer than I’ve been at Georgia State. I don’t know too much about the inception of the club, but when I first got to GSU I remember the President at the time was super friendly and welcoming to the photography program. I joined the club and got some more exposure to things outside of photo classes and opportunities around the photography community in Atlanta. I try and foster a similar kind of experience for the members today. 

Q: What are some aspects that you are proud of when it comes to Exlucis’s achievements?

Duchateau: This last summer Exlucis was able to help two members through a scholarship that we offered, to go to the Joshua Tree Maymester. The class was hosted through the GSU
photo department in Joshua Tree, California. They held a show with the other students there, as well as another one in Atlanta shortly after. This semester they gave an artist’s talk to the club about their experience at the class.

Q: To what do you owe the success of your organization?

Duchateau: Most of the success of the club is also due in large part to the members but also the other officers that work together to make the most out of our resources. Our vice President, Alexis Huckaby, Treasurer, Davion Alston, and Secretary, Maggie Callahan.


Contact Info:

Interested in photography? Here are some ways to contact Exlucis to get one step closer in the world of snapping photos!

-Faculty Advisor: Conne Thalken (cthalken@gsu.edu)

-President: Robie Duchateau (rduchateau1@student.gsu.edu)

-Facebook Page: Exlucis


Photography Exhibits in Atlanta

-Lumiere Fine Art Photography Gallery: Photographs comprised from 19th and 20th century artists.

-Jackson Fine Art Gallery: Contemporary and 20th century works, participates in international art fairs.

-Hagedorn Foundation Gallery: Features contemporary artworks by artists who display cultural expressions on society and values.