Photo-bomb: Add a smoke cloud effect to your senior photos


Graduation is a time to celebrate new beginnings. If you’re running around preparing for Fall commencement, check graduation photos off the list, with a DIY for scoring the best grad pictures.

With nearly a month left, get inspiration for locations, props and tips to capturing the right images that will commemorate your college success. The great thing about graduation photos is that they capture more than just an image. With a little creativity, a few props and the right location, photos can be tailored to match personality.


When getting ready for senior pictures make sure you have a general theme or idea. Pinterest, an online creative catalog, is a good place to look when forming a concept. Getting photo ideas is helpful, because it gives the photographer a visualization of how you want the photos to look.

  • Decide on whether you want to take pictures indoor or outside.
  • Once you’ve found a photographer, establish a time, date and place for the photoshoot.
  • If you’re going to be outdoors, meeting early in the mornings gives the photographer options for playing with natural lighting.
  • If you don’t want random people photobombing your shoot, try to find a location that is away from general walking traffic.
  • Be prepared for any and all weather conditions. You’ll want to check the weather forecast far before planning the date, to eliminate possible weather inconveniences such as rain, overcast or wind.
  • Take a friend. Having an extra pair of hands is very helpful.
  • Before selecting a location, do a quick site survey to pick out some potential places where you would like take photos.

unspecified-1Perfect Outdoor Locations

Explore the city, there are plenty of places with potential for a photoshoot. If you need ideas, here are a few popular parks that have lots of space and photo potential.

Piedmont park

As colorful and earthy fall leaves canvas the ground, this location has everything you need for  fall-themed photos. Located In the Heart of a Atlanta, is one of the largest outdoor green space. Piedmont Park, is big enough for finding the right photo setup with natural lighting. The park has multiple trails, ponds, bridges and trees for an outdoor photoshoot.

Atlantic Station Pond

Another potential location for photos is the Atlantic Station Pond. If you’re going for a modern and industrial setting, check out the park. With plenty of open space and a pond that overlooks a part of the city, this location offers unique environment.

Inman Park

Explore a more urban and artsy side of Atlanta in the Inman Park community. There is plenty of public art, such as murals on the side of rustic brick buildings.


After establishing a location, take a few props to add bring the theme of the shoot together. Since it’s a celebration, find some balloons or glitter to throw in the air.

Glitter Balloons

  • Pour some glitter inside of a clear balloon, after taking a few photo shots, have the progrography snap a picture of you popping the balloon and letting the glitter fall all over the place.

Graduation Cap

  • Decorate your graduation cap. An increasing trend among college students is putting a theme on their graduation cap. Check out pinterest for creative ideas.

Smoky Clouds

  • Take the art of photography, add props and recreate a photo-bombing effect using smoke clouds. This concept will make a smoky esthetic for dramatic photos.
  • Using a smoke bomb is an artist way of capturing an awesome photo that you’ll never forget. You can add smoke clouds to any photo shoot theme. Pre-made smoke bombs can be purchased online at e-commerce stores like Amazon.
  • Smoke bombs are sold in many vibrant colors and they can be combined to make a rainbow of colorful smoke. Just make sure that the location of your photos approves the idea.