Peachtree Picks

One of the many perks of Georgia State’s downtown presence is the accessibility to an abundance of interesting locations. Although dismissing Peachtree Street as a tourist hub is common, this eliminates some of Atlanta’s opportunities for unique experiences. Here are five diverse and affordable haunts that Peachtree has to offer.

Museum of Design Atlanta
While most of us have visited-or at least heard of-the High Museum of Art, not many know of this one floor treasure located right across the street. MODA is a small museum that completely transforms its layout for every exhibit it hosts. This unique space offers a look at how design impacts the art community and society as a whole. Currently on display is the Design for Social Impact exhibit. For a student price of $5 you can see the impact for yourself until Aug. 3.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant
If you’re looking for sushi with an extra side of Japanese ambiance, RA Sushi offers you just that. This triple threat meets the needs of a diverse crowd with drinks, sushi and a lot of Japanese fusion cuisine. On the menu is a selection of varied priced items with no exception to the college budget. A regularly priced California Roll is about $7, but stop by during Happy Hour to check out the sushi and sake specials, which include a California Roll for $4.25 , an Avocado Roll for $3.25 and Hot Sake for $3.

Laughing Skull Lounge
Inside the world’s smallest full-time comedy club is a bi-weekly Open Mic Night. Every Tuesday and Wednesday the Laughing Skull Lounge hosts comedians with a range of experience and provides a night of sidesplitting laugher for only $10. This venue also provides a lineup throughout the week of some of the nation’s best comedians. Since it is located inside of The Vortex, good food is literally right around the corner. For $15 you can catch Bil Dwyer preform at the Laughing Skull Lounge this weekend.

Churchill Grounds
Adjacent to The Fox Theatre is Atlanta’s premiere jazz club. For the atmosphere alone, Churchill Grounds is worth exploring. The room looks and feels as though Etta James herself will be gracing the stage and the actual performers are not a disappointment. Practically every night, expect for Mondays, there are local and traveling jazz musicians booked to play along with the weekly Jam Session on Thursdays. The $10/15 cover is more than reasonable for a night filled with the magic of jazz.

The Shakespeare Tavern
Walking through the doors of America’s only Shakespeare Tavern, is as though you are being transported to the 17th century. Although Shakespeare can be a bit hard to understand, the company at the Shakespeare Tavern preforms his tragedies and comedies flawlessly to its modern audience. With a full calendar of performances and menu of British Pub food it is a pleasure to visit. This is the closing weekend for this season’s Anthony and Cleopatra with tickets at a student price of $15. Next week starts the performances for The Taming of the Shrew, which I personally recommend for it is a hilarious introduction into the world of Shakespeare.