Panthers basketball players Jordan and Jeff talk about their favorite tunes

Pictured Georgia State basketball players Jeff Thomas and Jordan Session

Jeff Thomas and Jordan Sessions’ appreciation for music has brought them almost as close as basketball did. They share quite a few similar sentiments on music: They like the same rappers and songs. They both believe music is impactful in life and tells a lot about a person. Yet their love for music comes from different places. For one of them, his music passion comes from an appreciation of his city. It’s what he grew up on and it shows in his favorite artists. The other hails from a city whose music scene isn’t as strong. He enjoys the nostalgia of music, instead opting for tunes from his favorite artists’ past.

Alright, so who are you? Comparing your music.

Jeff: I like the vibe. I love my music just chilling. Not any “trap rap”. Old Kanye West, the old smooth music, I like that type of music.

Jordan: I’m versatile. It really depends on my mood to be honest. I’m a Future, I’m a thug guy [referencing Young Thug], I’m a Drake. It depends on my vibe and who can get me in my zone at the time.

So are you a beats person or into lyrics?

Jordan: I’m about half and half. There’s a lot of guys out here with the lyrics that are real nice, but you gotta’ have a good beat too. So it makes me stuck in between.

Name your top three favorite artists?

Jeff: Sheesh, *pauses* alright got it. Kanye, Drake, Future.

Jordan: Um, that’s tough. Drake, Future… *pauses* Thug. Yup, Thug.

Who are you bumping before a game and why?

Jeff: It really depends how I feel. Any music can get me hype. Like really some R’ Kelly. I swear. It gets me in the zone, I start focusing.

Jordan: Game day, it’s definitely Future.

Why Future?

Jordan: Because I grew up in Atlanta, I’m an Atlanta kid. I grew up on Future.

Let’s take it off mainstream. Who are some underground artists you’re bumping right now?

Jordan: It depends on how you would define underground.

Alright, let’s say both of you go through your SoundCloud, who are the rappers not getting radio play all of the time?

Jordan: Famous Dex. I like Lil Yachty, he’s mainstream but not too much yet.

Jeff: Yeah, he’s not too mainstream, 21 isn’t too mainstream yet. Definitely 21.

If we were to go through your phone right now, what would be the weirdest song we would find in there?

Jeff: Chuck Berry. “Johnny Be Goode” * singing* “Go Johnny go, Go Johnny Go”.

Jordan: Listen, I don’t play around there *laughs*. Only bangers.

Jeff: Bro, he was a huge icon. Like Pop music that nobody really liked, but all the kids love it for some reason.

We hear about Atlanta all the time, what kind of music is going on in Ohio Jeff?

Jeff: I really don’t know. I was listening to the radio the other day.  It’s pretty much what everyone likes, the most mainstream type.

So no one coming up?

Jeff: I mean, Machine Gun Kelly, that’s the only person I can really think about. And there’s this one rapper coming up from Columbus, I wish I could think of it right now.

So last question, why do you appreciate music?

Jordan: Music is the culture. It represents who we are and how we move at the time.

Jeff: Music describes who you are. The type of music you listen to is sort of the person you are.