On first day of SGA elections, students experience voting issues

Voting for the Student Government Association’s 91st administration kicked off this morning. Most students so far have been able to vote with no issues, save for just a few.

Ira Livnat, who is presidential candidate Kaelen Thomas’ campaign manager, reached out to The Signal with concerns that he was unable to vote. He said and provided evidence that when he tried to log in, the portal on pin.gsu.edu was not showing a space for him to vote.

Thomas also reached out about Jaszmine Howard not being able to vote either, saying she was having the same issue.

Atlanta SGA advisor Gail Sutton said that over 100 students had voted already this morning without issue, and that those two individuals were the only ones to have reported any issues so far.

Presidential candidate Nigel Walton said he had about five people approach him with issues regarding being unable to vote as well, and that he spoke with the SGA office which is working to resolve the issue.

Livnat said that Samantha Thompson, the Atlanta SGA administrative coordinate, resolved the issue but said she told him it has to be resolved manually for each student that can’t vote.

According to Sutton, SGA now has  a link to the SGA elections webpage in order to help students, but SGA needs to know their name and PantherID in order to resolve the issue.

Students have to be enrolled in a specific eligibility list for the system to know what ballot they should have access to — its [sic] not as simple as only adding them to the SGA elections portal,” Sutton said.