News Briefs Feb. 5: Georgia mayor jailed for impersonating a cop

Jacksonville mayor jailed for pretending to be a cop

John Dopson, mayor of Jacksonville, Georgia, was arrested for impersonating a police office after allegedly driving a police car and carrying out police duties such as stopping individuals at traffic lights and turning the squad car siren. According to WABE, Dopson was also arrested in March for pointing a gun towards another man.

Flint, Michigan officials reveal early speculations of infected water

Newly-surfaced emails from Flint County, Michigan public health offices show that officials had suspicions of the faulty water source because of an increased number of Legionnares’ disease in that region. The information had been circulating for more than ten weeks before Rick Snyder, the governor, announced it. However, Snyder’s spokesperson told The New York Times that the first time the governor was informed of a problem was in January.

Zika virus found active in saliva and urine

On Feb. 5, Brazilian health officials said that the Zika virus is alive and active in saliva and urine. The researchers have not yet confirmed if it can be transmitted through those channels, and according to CNN, are waiting on other labs to double-check their findings.