New year, new seasons on Netflix, HBO and Hulu

Photo by Google Images

With the new year being in full effect, there is a lot to look forward to this year. Ranging from new shows to recent seasons of some fan favorites, Netflix, Hulu and HBO are kicking the new year off with these four shows that are a must-watch.

  • Abbott Elementary:

Despite this show originally airing on ABC in December of 2021, Abbott Elementary is slowly becoming the topic of discussion on many social media platforms. Abbott Elementary is a mockumentary starring Quinta Brown, Tyler James Williams and others. 

Brown plays the role of a second-grade teacher, Ms.Teagues, while Williams plays the role of a substitute teacher Mr. Gregory. Although this show is a fictional story, Abbott Elementary is an underfunded elementary school located in Philadelphia and has constantly struggled to keep enough teachers for more than two years and receive the supplies they need for their students. 

The “film crew” documents the condition of the school as well as the lives and commentary of teachers. The show’s style is similar to other mockumentaries such as The Office or Parks and Recreation. 

This show has a good balance of funny and heartfelt content. Viewers can watch this show on either ABC or Hulu every week.

  • Twenty-Somethings:

This Netflix Original aired in December of 2021, starring eight young adults who move from across the country looking for a fresh start in Austin, Texas. 

Both halves live in neighboring houses but share a backyard where they all talk and eat together at night. Each person is there for similar reasons, such as pursuing their passions, finding themselves or finding a fresh start. 

This show is quite different from many other young adult reality television series like Jersey Shore. Roommates on this Netflix show do not have jobs in place before their visit, as many of them are seeking employment or searching to further their careers for more than just a summer. 

There is a lot of fun and partying with each other, but the drama is inevitable. Still, many form genuine bonds and relationships that make this show even more endearing and captivating than the average reality show.

  • Selling Tampa:

This show is another Netflix Original reality show that aired in December of 2021. With only one season out, it has already become a favorite of many. This show is a spin-off of another reality television show called Selling Sunset, set in Los Angeles. 

The two shows are unrelated, but both center around the real estate industry. Selling Tampa is a reality television show starring Sharelle Rosado, her brokerage Allure Realty owner. 

Her team also cast members of this show, are all minority women. Despite Florida being infamous in recent years, this show puts Tampa on the map. 

These women are all about their money and business, but where there is reality TV, there is drama. There is no telling when season two will be available but what is guaranteed is there will be shade and money to be made.

  • Euphoria:

This critically acclaimed series premiered in 2019, and viewers were ecstatic about the season two premiere on Jan. 9, 2022. This show stars Zendaya Coleman, who plays the character Rue who suffers from a substance use disorder. 

The show focuses on high schoolers who all seem to have their own set of issues they face. Although the characters are high-school-aged teens, many partake in illicit and questionable activities that often land them in trouble. 

Many people argue that this show is unrealistic, arguing that high schoolers do not do half the things these characters did, but it is still a compelling show that is hard to turn off. 

This show is nothing short of thrilling and unique as all of the actors in it all embody their characters very well. This series is ongoing, and it can be viewed only on HBO, with new episodes airing every week. 

This show is also not for the faint of heart, and Coleman put out a public disclaimer about the show stating that the show as a whole is for a mature audience, and some scenes can be triggering for some.