New Basketball and Volleyball Practice facility to be done in March

Georgia State is currently in the process of building a $1.5 million practice facility for its basketball and volleyball team. The practice facility will be located in the Aquatics Center, next to the GSU Sports Arena.

According to Doug Justice, Senior Associate A.D. , the construction will be completed in two phases. The new facility is now under phase I.

“Phase one includes renovating the HVAC (Heating and Air), new lights in the aquatics center, filling in the lap pool, court being put down over the pool, six baskets, and poles in the floor to have one volleyball court. Additionally, we are renovating a bathroom and upgrading the wifi,” he said. “Decisions about what will be included in Phase II will come after Phase I is completed based on what other needs we determine need to be addressed in that space.”

As mentioned in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Charlie Cobb, Director of Athletics, said the money will come from a combination of revenue streams, including the university, gifts and a reallocation of existing funds.

As of now the men’s and women’s basketball teams as well as the volleyball team share practice space in the Sports Arena. Each team is assigned a specific time to practice based on each player’s class schedule and the availability of the practice court.  

Jordan Session, sophomore forward on the men’s basketball team, described sharing practice space with two other teams as frustrating. He is excited and looking forward to this additional practice facility with hopes that the team will be able to practice earlier in the day instead of having to practice at night.

“I’m excited that we will finally have a place we can go anytime to get shots up and practice”, he said.  

Justice is also looking forward to the future of Georgia State Athletics and the positive effect this practice court will have on student athletes.

“By adding this space, we will have more flexibility in our facility scheduling so we can run practices simultaneously that we are not able to do now,” he said. “Additionally, by having more flexibility in the timing of practices this will allow for student-athletes to have more flexibility with educational opportunities that may not be available now with our current scheduling parameters. “

Sydney Mauer, sophomore defensive specialist on the volleyball team, is looking forward to the design of the new facility as well as hopes for an increased fan base.

“I feel like it will definitely help with people wanting to come to our games more, it’s just another arena to say that it’s Georgia State Athletics,” Mauer said.

This additional practice facility will allow each team to become better at their particular sport, therefore ultimately increasing the chances of performing at a higher level during games.  These performances will intensify the Panther pride and fill the stands.

The new facility is estimated to be finished by March 1, 2016.