The new age of food delivery in the city

It is evident that with time things like technology (and even people) change. With that being said, it is no surprise that food and how we receive it has also evolved.

A modern classic: no expiration on food innovation

Although the art of food delivery has changed and evolved over time, the way we order and eat food today is still very much the same. The biggest contrast is that we live a society that is much more fast-paced and on-the-go.

Now there is a generous selection of food delivery companies out there that delivers everything from the traditional to the unexpected. Companies like Postmates, UberEats, GrubHub and the like have mobile apps available in the app store so waiting on hold to call in an order is a thing of the past.With payment information pre-filled and a tap here and there, people can order to their heart’s content, curb their cravings and track the order while it’s enroute to them.

The best part about this little novelty is that people are no longer limited to pizza delivery. Customers can order everything from Burger King, Sublime Donuts, and Figo Pasta to King of Pops. There are even options available for the health-conscious hippie, such as quinoa and hemp seed garnished kale salads and fruit packed smoothies from Kale Me Crazy.

If the inner restaurateur is craving food from a popular restaurant that doesn’t offer food delivery service, there’s a solution for that. With various food delivery companies available, every foodie will more than likely rave in satisfaction. Why? Because many of these delivery apps offer pick-up from these beloved eating establishments—from the chef’s kitchen right to your doorstep.

Wanna get your Grub on? Check out some of our favorite spots supported by GrubHub around the GSU area!

Discount hacks and other knick knacks

One of the qualities that makes modern food delivery so special is that many offer discounts or other perks to first time and frequent customers. Although these discounts are real, many people are still unaware they even exist. The most resourceful way to take advantage of these offers is to research before you order.  Log on to your favorite search engine and search for first timer offers or just ask a friend!

Often, these companies will offer discounts such as free delivery or a percent off to customers who download the app for the first time. If you are an existing customer and have friends interested in ordering food via an app one day, share your personal code and the delivery company could reward you!

With new inventions constantly changing the world today, along with our fast-paced schedules, there is no doubt that one thing remains the same: people have to eat! So download and tap to order to your stomach’s content.