Musician Still Woozy debuts his new single “BS”

Still Woozy discusses some of of his recent projects. Photo Submitted by Still Woozy

Still Woozy is playing a show in Los Angeles, feeding off adrenaline and an adoring crowd’s energy. He decides to plunge into the crowd while riding an inflatable rubber ducky.

For Sven Gamsky, stage name Still Woozy, artistry means processing emotions via music, listening to sounds’ textures, and warding off perfectionism. 

Gamsky is known for his psychedelic, feel-good pop songs like “Habit” and “Goodie Bag.” His music combines multiple styles, an intentional choice because he laments the idea of ever being stuck in one genre or producing a predictable song.

In a press release hosted by °1824, Gamsky discusses his artistic process, what he misses about concerts and his new single, “BS.”

Gamsky began recording music at 13, according to Complex, and later dedicated five years and four albums to the band Feed Me Jack. Then he set out solo again, assuming a stage name to describe his spacey nature.

In some ways, Gamsky enjoys undertaking the artistic process alone. He likes the feeling of total control and the freedom to execute his idea without interference. On the other hand, he said he is highly self-critical and misses having others to help exchange ideas.

He adds that “my partner has to do a lot of the heavy lifting to help me move on.”

Gamsky’s fiancee, also the artist of his single’s cover art, is a significant inspiration for his art. 

“She puts art into every little thing she does,” he said. “She makes her whole life into art, and that has inspired me more than anything else.” 

Gamsky’s songs combine topics like heartbreak and insecurity with upbeat, dream-like instrumentals. He uses music to work through the emotional complexities of life.

“For me, music is a coping mechanism,” Gamsky said. “My goal is to create a safe space to get a little break from yourself or whatever you need. If [the song] can provide a buffer that will help me, then I know that it can do the same thing for [listeners].”

As he finds solace in his work, Gamsky is particular about his sound and chooses to self-produce.

“It’s so fun to make beats and create something out of nothing,” he said. “I’ve curated my own tastes over the years, and I think that’s the beautiful thing about self-producing, you’re curating all these sounds for people, and this is my particular lens and taste, and you would lose that if you were consistently working with someone else or getting beats produced for you.”

Thinking of pre-pandemic life, Gamsky especially misses live concerts.

“The crazier the crowd gets, the crazier I get,” he said. “The best shows are the ones that have no separation between you and the crowd. If it were up to me, I’d be in the crowd the whole time moshing. I hate [feeling] like I’m on a pedestal; it kills the energy.”

To get the full effect, Gamsky recommends that fans listen to his songs on headphones. Car listeners shouldn’t despair because Still Woozy songs are always tested on a car stereo before being released.

When thinking about the best way to listen to a Still Woozy song, he said, “I’d put on headphones and go for a walk.”