Music Midtown dining

Midtown Atlanta is known for its wide array of eateries and bars, as well as its laid-back demeanor in terms of entertainment and culture. The Signal has done some looking, and has found several places that students and faculty can go to enjoy themselves in similar fashion.Midtown Restaurants and Bars:

Parq Pizza and Bar

Parq is located directly outside Piedmont Park’s southernmost entrance, right on Piedmont Avenue. The restaurant has a small interior, yet still houses a rather comprehensive bar. There is a vast outside seating area, where one would be able to hear the music of the concert while enjoying a drink.

Parq serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, and also has live band performances every Sunday. Anyone looking to enjoy a Saturday of college football is also recommended to come to Parq.

The menu at Parq has a surprising delicatessen feel to it, and has a special that serves a slice of pizza and a salad for just $5. Here are a few more of the deals on the menu.

The Nook

The Nook is a very spacious tavern, definitely recommended for large groups of people looking to enjoy a good time with friends. It offers a variety of drinks, including “The Bloody Best,” a 32-ounce bloody mary.

The Bloody Best has been featured on “The Today Show,” Huffington Post and Creative Loafing. The drink is a crazy concoction: Absolut pepper vodka mixed with Fat & Juicy bloody mary mix and drank through a beef straw, then garnished with a piece of bacon, pepperoncini’s, blue cheese stuffed olives, tots, steak, a slice of toast and a hard-boiled egg. Bloody marys are served all day. Odd, yet appeasing.

The Nook also features an interesting snack called “Totchos,” a tater tot nacho dish with many other ingredients thrown on. There are several choices in flavor for the Totchos:

Nacho Tots (chicken, pico de gallo)

Loaded Pototchos (sour cream, bacon bits, cheese)

Redneck Pototchos (mesquite smoked pork, Coca-Cola barbeque sauce)

Buffalo Chicken Totchos (grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, blue cheese dressing)

MacDaddy Totchos (macaroni and cheese, beef chili, cheddar jack cheese)

Black and Blue Totchos (grilled steak, blue cheese crumble, blue cheese dressing)

Macho Totchos (all of the above)

Another intriguing drink offered is the “Fish Bowl,” which is one pint of a liqueur, mixed to perfection in a 64-ounce fish bowl. The bowl goes for $30, but up to eight people can enjoy the beverage, and it even comes with a Red Bull for $2 more.

The Nook also has Smoked Chicken Wings, which go 10 for $10, and the infamous “Half Pound Burger Classic,” which is a half-pound of Angus beef topped with bacon and the works.


Ten is a Euro-Asian cuisine restaurant, providing a unique blend of cultures all in one place.

While still serving traditional appetizers like calamari, Ten brings a different style of cuisine to Midtown with dishes such as the “Bangcock Curry,” which is diced squash in a curry sauce, served with brown rice. It is served with either chicken for $14, Norwegian salmon for $17 or lobster claw for $19.

New Zealand lamb is another interesting entrée offered, which is grilled lamb with pear reduction sauce and green beans, for $22.

Ten also serves complimentary desert with all entrées, the most popular being the Asian Mocha Cake with green tea ice cream.

There is also a live DJ on weekends with a dance floor for anyone who hasn’t gotten enough music.

Joe’s on Juniper

Joe’s is another tavern available for dining after the concert for anyone who still has energy after Music Midtown.

The appetizer menu has a wide variety of tastes, from jalapeño poppers for $6.95, to edamame hummus for $6.95. There is also a deal on wings, with 6 for $6.25, 10 for $8.95, 20 for $16.95 and 30 for $24.95.

Joe’s is relatively inexpensive for its proportions, prime examples being the linguini marinara that costs just $6.95, or the fettuccini alfredo for just $8.95.

Joe’s also provides signature sausages, served with a dill pickle and either fries, slaw, potato chips, potato salad, tots or a vegetable.


Beers and Ales:

For the beer connoisseurs, The Signal highly recommends these locally brewed ales and beer.

Blue Moon Seasonal Pumpkin Ale

A smooth beer, this drink is enjoyable for those who prefer a lighter taste in comparison to the overly bitter taste of most pale ales. The fresh fruity taste of the beverage makes it extremely easy to drink in bulk.

Hoplanta Red Brick Ale

Hoplanta is a relatively new ale, bottled in Atlanta. This brew contains the strong bitter taste of a hoppy beer, but is still very popular among drinkers.

Terrapin Rye Pale Ale

Terrapin is a seasonal ale brewed in Athens, Georgia. Relatively new, this brew was first released in 2002. It has surprisingly high alcohol content for a brew as well, at 8.75 abv.

Dos Equis

Dos Equis may be the most well known of the beers listed, and for a good reason. The smooth, yet refreshing bite that this beer provides is perfect for a long day out in the sun, and is the favorite beverage of the world’s most interesting man. It even has an alternative flavor, the “Amber” Dos Equis.

Music Midtown is sure to be a great time for all of those who attend, whether they are looking to have a wild weekend out, or have a calm, romantic time with a partner at the park. The wide array of performances and plethora of places to eat and drink will surely provide a full day of fun for all types of people. Anyone spending a day out in the sun will surely need their designated supply of adult beverages, and hopefully this list has done well in preparing you for the festivities. Enjoy and drink responsibly.